The death of a child in the Lviv region: the class teacher has a heart attack

Photo: GSChS Child died when falling into a waterfall – – A teacher was also hospitalized in the hospital, who saved the life of a child, swallowed water and got hypothermia. The class teacher of the boy who died during the excursion is in the hospital with a heart attack. The website of the City […]

Brazilian receives the same distinction as Einstein: ‘surprising’ – News

Brazilian Angela Villela Olinto became a member of the United States Academy of and Arts and Sciences, similar recognition was given to Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. The University of Chicago professor and dean of the institution’s physics division was also invited to participate in the National Academy of Sciences. In an interview with the […]

Being a teacher in times of pandemic in Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes, Ags.- On March 14, 2020, the then head of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) reported that classes would be suspended from 20 of that same month and until April 20 as a preventive measure to avoid more infections by COVID- 19 that by then had already been recognized by the World Health Organization […]

First fatal case after COVID vaccination recorded in Slovakia – media

First batch of AstraZeneca delivered to Slovakia – – An autopsy of a young woman vaccinated with AstraZeneca showed cerebral edema, thrombophilia, and pulmonary embolism. After receiving the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine produced by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca, a 38-year-old teacher died in Slovakia, but a direct link between these events has not […]

In France, the police detained a student who threatened to stab a teacher

Photo: Politeka Police detain a teenager armed with a knife – – The teenager himself called the police and told about his intentions. Law enforcers believe that the reason was the disagreement on the educational issue. In one of the lyceums in the French city of Metz, the police detained a student armed with a […]

Challenges for Teachers and Families for Online Education

The covid-19 pandemic brought the widespread implementation, practically worldwide, of the online education, virtual education or distance education. It has been seen that it became a very complicated and relevant topic. Margarita Yovellyn Núñez Rodríguez, psychologist, who is part of the Regular Education Support Services Unit (Usaer) program of the Ministry of Public Education and […]

The former Mrs. Bezos said “Yes” to a teacher

The ex-wife of the richest man in the world – Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Mackenzie Scott has married a science teacher at a private school in the American city of Seattle Dan Juet, the Wall Street Journal reported. Days before the change in her social status, Mackenzie Scott donated more than $ 1.7 billion to […]

Only Get 33,400 Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine for Phase Two, Depok Adjusts the Proportion

DEPOK, – Vaccinations Covid-19 phase two in Depok, West Java, will be carried out proportionally. The reason is that Depok has only received 33,400 doses vaccine Covid-19 from the West Java Provincial Government, while the need for the proposed vaccine is more than that. “In essence, we will accommodate all people who meet the […]