but for some there is the bonus

From the day after tomorrow, the increase of the revisions of cars. From November 2in fact, there will be an increase in costs of about 22%, but some will see this price growth mitigated by the so-called “good safe vehicles“. To remember it today is there Cgia of Mestre, with the artisans explaining the rationale […]

Pregnant teacher arrested for having sex with 15-year-old boy

The student himself claims that no one forced him to have sex and everything was “by agreement.” Also, the woman kept weapons on the school grounds / photo- REUTERS – V USA a pregnant teacher was arrested. A 41-year-old woman is accused of raping a 15-year-old boy, but the schoolboy himself told the police that […]

Unvaccinated teachers, kept secret from students and their parents

In less than a week, a new school year begins, and because the classes will be held in physical format, discussions about measures to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infections are the order of the day, especially since the proportion of anti-COVID vaccination 19 – an important measure to limit infections – places Romania in last place in […]

Teacher salary scale: $ 4,000 won’t be for everyone

Photo: Screenshot Shkarlet noted that salaries for teachers will increase twice in 2021 – – The best teachers at the presidential university will have the highest salaries, Sergey Shkarlet explained. In Ukraine, a salary of 4 thousand dollars for professors is real. And for teachers by the end of 2021, the salary will increase by […]

School fires history teacher for having OnlyFans account

“When I was younger, I always wanted to be in Playboy or be an actress, but I grew up and became a teacher with a husband, so why would I have considered it?” “I started small, just on Instagram posting mostly selfies of my enhanced bust and lips.” Amy said it was “liberating” to see […]

A teacher accused of pedocriminality cleared five years later

A schoolteacher, once suspected of raping a four-year-old girl, was cleared by the justice in the context of a general dismissal nearly five years after the facts, said Wednesday the prosecutor’s office of Dijon. “I went through five years of hell, for nothing”, underlined the teacher, quoted by the daily The Public Good . In […]

The Music Meeting celebrates its 20th edition

The Santander Music and Academy Meeting celebrates its 20th edition From July 2, 50 young musicians will meet with 11 internationally renowned masters at the Encounter, which recovers the 250th anniversary of Beethoven Presentation XX Santander Music Meeting – Pablo Zuloaga, Vice-president and Counselor of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports of the Government of Cantabria; […]

The Observatory for Children’s Education and Health

MONTREAL, June 14, 2021 – How to minimize the consequences of the pandemic on current and future generations? This is a question that will be answered by an ambitious research project carried out at CHU Sainte-Justine and at the University of Montreal under the leadership of the professor. Sylvana Cote. With major funding of $ […]

IPB University Has the Youngest Professor, 37 Years Old, Here’s His Profile

Jakarta – Lecturer of Bogor Agricultural University (IPB University) Anuraga Jayanegara won the title of professor at the age of 37 years. This makes Anuraga who teaches at the Faculty of Animal Science become the youngest professor of IPB University. Anuraga was appointed as a professor based on the Decree of the Minister of Education, […]