an appliance with 16 washing programs for less than 150 euros

Xiaomi’s new mini washing machine is a compact appliance ideal for small apartments, caravans or small spaces where there is not much space available to install furniture. This product has been dubbed ‘Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Mini’ and it is intended as a personal use washing machine for a young audience. Features of the washing […]

Apple’s latest mobile is coming down

The Chinese website IT Home leaked a series of screenshots showing a series of dates for the iPhone 13 and AirPods 3. Now, these dates have been corroborated on the website of Jon Prosser, the famous Apple filter . According to the Prosser website, Front Page Tech, the dates given by the site are correct. […]

the transformation of Denise Maestre

Life takes many turns, especially for those child actors who made their debut very young and who after some time in front of the cameras decided to step aside and take your career to other areas. Among the best known cases in Spain are that of Víctor Elías, ‘Guille’ in The Serrano, which changed the […]

It has already been detected in computers in Spain and can also affect smartphones

Microsoft has explained in your cybersecurity blog that a malware called ‘Sourgum’ has been used to spy on more than 100 people. Among them are politicians, activists, journalists, academics, embassy workers and political dissidents. This malicious code was created by Candiru, an Israeli company specialized in selling software to governments, and attacks the Windows operating […]

warn of a new fake sextortion campaign

Recently a new scam email campaign whose objective is to extort money from victims to pay a certain amount in bitcoins in exchange for not publishing alleged intimate recordings. This deception is known as sextortion and it is a fraud. Any user who has paid for fear that their photos or intimate content has been […]