Theater of the City is ready for Samuel García’s taking of protest

Pedro Delgado Monterrey / 03.10.2021 09:29:34 Less than nine hours before the inauguration of Samuel García as the next governor of Nuevo León, the venue for the event, the City Theater, prepares the last details both outside and inside the venue. The avenues that surround the site already have some fences that are protected by […]

Disgusting attack on Burešová: Actress rages!

Over the years, the star Slunečné has become accustomed to slander and great criticism from strangers in Czech show business. However, when a social profile appeared with “Eva Burešová she is blood and child “, she decided to intervene. “The more people there are, the more hateful comments. I have already taken some steps, some […]

Suchánek was shocked: “Close the door, sir,” they shouted at him

“A friend had an idea that we could open a pub. Because he was punished, he had to be a self-employed person… We were in pubs all the time, we only knew it from the other side. I was so 21, 23…. It stopped playing, somehow it didn’t spin extra, because there were other worries, […]


At first, everything was relatively calm. Hundreds of protesters crossed from Charles Bridge to Petrin Hill and then headed back to Old Town Square, Republic Square, and finally ended up in the lower part of Prague’s Wenceslas Square, where their path was blocked by heavily-clothed people. Some protesters didn’t like it, so they broke through […]

‘The history of swearing’, the new Netflix series that Nicolas Cage leads

“With swear words we can cut, calm, delight, scare, insult and seduce. They are the most popular and seductive taboo that we have”, with this explanation the renowned Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage, begins the “proud and profane” Netflix series, premiered on January 5, which explores the history and impact of some of the most famous […]

Meghan is evil, she sounds from Duchess Kate’s family. There were also vulgar insults!

The Queen Elizabeth II. she probably won’t be too excited about that kind of attention. The British ruling family is fixed on the remarks of Duchess Kate’s uncle. He indiscriminately engaged in Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. Gary Goldsmith, Carole Middleton’s brother, is upset by the behavior of famous couples during the coronavirus […]