“I ran over the border guard”: the court heard the recording of the suspect

Photo: facebook.com/oleh.slobodyan The scene of the incident In a telephone conversation, the suspect informs the interlocutor of the details of the incident at the border and admits that he was run over by the border guard’s car. In the court in the case of the murder of border guard Vadim Berezensky, an audio recording was […]

The prosecutor’s office appealed the acquittal of ex-People’s Deputy Pashinsky

Photo: Radio Liberty The acquittal of Pashinsky was appealed The UCP insists on sentencing Pashinsky, suspected of inflicting grievous bodily harm to Vyacheslav Khimikus, with a 7-year imprisonment. The prosecutor’s office appealed against the verdict of the Vasilkovsky district court of the Kiev region, which acquitted the former MP Sergei Pashinsky. On Tuesday, April 20, […]

Abduction of Mia. A fifth suspect was arrested on Friday

A fifth suspect was arrested Friday in Amancey (Doubs) in the investigation of the kidnapping of little Mia Tuesday April 13 in the Vosges, we learned this Sunday April 18 from the public prosecutor of Nancy François Pérain. 43 year old man This 43-year-old man, suspected of having participated in the preparation of the kidnapping, […]

Muriel, 55, stabbed to death, suspect found covered in victim’s blood

Sambre Meuse Sambre Meuse News Posted on Friday, April 16, 2021 at 8:08 p.m. Through XDB et Do.R. The drama took place in the center of Couvin, on the night of Thursday to Friday: Muriel Robert, 55, was stabbed to death. A suspect was found covered in the victim’s blood. He was arrested and heard […]

Murder suspect hit TV while searching for girl

Photo: frame from video Murder suspect in the Kherson region watched the search for the girl The suspect in the murder of seven-year-old Maria Borisova calmly watched the search for the girl and got on the video of the TV channel. A video was published showing how a suspect in the murder of 7-year-old Maria […]

«I distrust literature with good intentions, I don’t like it at all»

In an arid and dusty landscape, in a border territory sandwiched between the eastern and western highlands and that could be located anywhere in Central America, terrible events take place that are narrated in ‘The Third World’ (Lumen), Karina’s second novel Sainz Borgo (Caracas, 1982). This Venezuelan writer and journalist on this occasion has followed […]

UPDATE February 28: Covid-19 Suspect Reaches 71,668

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Amount suspect Covid-19 on Sunday (28/2/2021) reached 71,668 people. This information is based on data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force released Sunday afternoon. As for someone called suspect Covid-19 if you have an acute respiratory infection (ISPA) and in the last 14 days before symptoms develop, have a history of travel […]

suspect arrested by the PJ after the stabbing murder of Wazemmes

Week after week, the investigators of the PJ of Lille gradually shed light on the three murders which mourned the summer in Lille. Cases independent from each other, but with the common point of having taken place over a short period (between August and September) and in a totally mysterious context, without witnesses, no explanations, […]

Raid on Keupstrasse in Cologne: Money laundering gang targeted

January 27, 2021 at 12:43 pm Searches also in Cologne : Eight arrests in a raid against a money laundering gang <!– <!– <!– 7 pictures Raid against money laundering gang in Keupstrasse in Cologne Photo: dpa / Thomas Banneyer Cologne / Essen On the trail of dirty money: More than 600 officials swarmed nationwide […]