Treasury receives 141,553 requests for incentive of $ 500

The Department of Finance reported today that, to this day, it has received 141,553 requests from self-employed workers for the incentive of $ 500. The agency – through a press release – indicated that they have made 141,122 deposits of those requests for a total of $ 70.6 million of the $ 100 million assigned […]

Irregularities of the Treasury are highlighted in payment to Apex

The Department of Finance would have authorized a transaction without bail and without meeting the criteria of the Regulation 31 of the agency in the failed purchase of a million tests to detect the COVID-19 with the company Apex General Contractors, as it was revealed today at a hearing of the Health Commission of the […]

Treasury insists negotiations with federal Treasury continue on disbursement of $ 1,200

The Secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés Alicea, insisted today that negotiations continue on the plan submitted to the United States Treasury, for the distribution of the Economic Impact Payment of $ 1,200 included in the CARES Act. “The Law obliges the United States Treasury to coordinate with the territories how to […]

The 500 dollars of the Treasury for independent workers begin to arrive

The incentive of $ 500 to self-employed citizens has begun to be disbursed by the Department of the Treasury, confirmed the secretary Francisco Parés when responding to a publication on Twitter. Meanwhile, in a written communication, Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced the sending of $ 48.6 million to 97,228 citizens. “Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea and […]