Wrongled Rand and Zounar in shock? A REVERSE THAT NO ONE EXPECTED

It has already been confirmed. Martina Randová goes to Street. Instead of a blonde spinning plans, Heluš will now play the role of Kateřina, because of which she radically changed her image. Weight loss Martin Zounar: My partner is excited to see him again “I like it when the whole look changes with the character. […]

“He enjoyed us all.” Colleagues remember Ladislav Potměšil

“He was a terribly honest actor, a great colleague, there were a lot of things to agree with. In my opinion, when he matured as an actor, he was unfortunately hit by serious health problems,” said Petr Nárožný, who played with Potměšil in a legendary sitcom. TV Nova Hospoda. According to Nárožný, it was a […]

Surgery, Specialists and Primary School. Actor Zdeněk Mucha died († 75)

The death of the actor, who was born in April 1946 in Michálkovice near Ostrava and died two weeks ago in Čerčany in the Benešov region, was informed about Theater newspaper. Zdeněk Mucha studied acting at Brno’s JAMU, graduating in the same year when Soviet tanks arrived in Bohemia. He immediately joined the Vítězslav Nezval […]

At the end of the surgery. Petr Rychlý: GREAT RETURN TO THE NEW!

Not only did he not lose his serial fee, but he even doubled it last year. At the time of filming the series about volunteer firefighters from the village of Horní, he was still finishing the last episodes of the Surgery, in which he spent 15 years. He escaped from captivity “I was surprised that […]

Rychlý, Adamovská, Morávková et al .: How the Surgery Changed Their Lives!

15 years, 17 dead On average, more than one favorite character dies a year. The first of these was Dr. Gita in 2007 Petrová (Daniela Šinkorová). Her death was not seen in the series, she died in a neo-Nazi brawl. And another followed – Dr. Čížek (Ladislav Potměšil) suffered a heart attack, engineer Haken (Martin […]