Hoekstra is ’embarrassed’ by violations of the tax authorities | NOW

Outgoing Minister of Finance and CDA party leader Wopke Hoekstra is “embarrassed” by the list of violations of the law committed by the Tax and Customs Administration, the minister said in the television program on Sunday. Buitenhof. The list of violations was sent to the Lower House on Friday. “Unfortunately it fits in with what […]

Ombudsman: ‘Plans should not remain a paper reality’ | NOW

National Ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen played a key role in the benefits affair. As early as 2017, he warned that there were major problems, which led to the resignation of the Rutte III cabinet three years later. “We have been calling for something to be done for years, but we were not heard.” Van Zutphen […]

Dozens of reports of discrimination by the tax authorities | NOW

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (CRM) has so far received 35 reports of discrimination by the tax authorities. After the damning benefits report of the Van Dam committee, the help of the CRM was called in. About eleven people have asked for a judgment in a case. With such a request “the CRM will […]

‘Tax authorities demand part of compensation for victims of benefits affair’ | NOW

Victims of the childcare allowance affair must return part of the compensation they receive to the tax authorities. The interest group for administrators in debt restructuring (BBW) reports this to the daily newspaper Faithful. The association has withdrawn from the consultation with the tax authorities out of irritation about this. For years, the Tax and […]

Ministers meet again in Catshuis, again because of benefits affair | NOW

A large part of the cabinet will consult on Sunday afternoon in the Catshuis about the affair surrounding the childcare allowance. They will discuss further recommendations from the damning benefits report. Last month it was already decided to give all duped parents 30,000 euros. This time it is not expected to have any political consequences. […]

Benefits affair is expanding, possibly also wrong with rent and care benefits | NOW

In addition to duped parents, the Tax and Customs Administration will also pay for the childcare allowance, but also compensate people who have not been treated properly with the housing allowance, care allowance and child-related budget. They may also have been treated “biased” and were wrongly given the stamp “intent / gross negligence”. State Secretary […]

Signals on benefits affair did not alarm Asscher | NOW

Lodewijk Asscher, Minister of Social Affairs between 2012 and 2017, received signals at various times from several organizations or people that the reclaiming of childcare allowance was causing major problems. Yet the alarm bells did not go off with the current PvdA leader. In a period of about three years, there were six times when […]

Victims of benefits affair receive victim assistance | NOW

Victim Support Netherlands will assist victims of the childcare allowance affair. Those who are disadvantaged by the actions of the tax authorities can be just as traumatized as victims of an accident or crime, according to the organization. Because the tax authorities cannot help the victims with their practical or psychosocial problems, State Secretary Alexandra […]