tactics and players

After another crazy end to the game and finally some motions, the Olympians won with character when they would have had to fold the match long before because they had many chances against the Angevins who folded but always believed in it. . Note all the same, the physical difficulties standards at the end of […]

“Eyraud ran the club like a business”

The departure of Jacques-Henri Eyraud marks a turning point in the Frank McCourt era. The entourage of the American admits that the former president made several blunders. In the newspaper columns The team, a relative of the McCourt clan spoke about the departure of JHE. He thinks his departure has become inevitable: “Eyraud was knocked […]

tactics and players

The Olympians missed the key moments of the meeting because they could have folded the match during the first 45 minutes. The inhabitants were quick against and especially combative, which was sorely missed by the players of Villas-Boas who are mainly to blame by their attitude and their lack of revolt. Here is the OM […]

Longoria talks about the future of OM

Pablo Longoria spoke about the future of OM. He has ideas to get the club out of its predicament. “I’m not just talking about the next few months, but rather the next few years. We must continue to build our identity to get closer to what the supporters have in mind and what they want […]

tactics and players

After a poor first hour, the Olympians recovered but that was not enough to beat Angevins who had a good match. This trip to Angers is the last match of a very special year 2020, the goal so much to win so as not to let the first ones slip away after two poor performances.Jordan […]