Bagarova and Muradov apart? WE ARE SAD, says Monika

“It simply came to our notice then. Even though you don’t see our life together, our time together on our Instagrams, as was my custom before, for some reason I just decided to limit it a bit. We are still a family, “he refutes the endless rumors about the breakup with Muradov Monika Bagárová on […]

Moderator Good Morning is married! Another baby is waiting in February

“It simply came to our notice then. Firstly, I know that I will not get married for the fourth time due to my age, and also because I met an amazing woman with whom we will have two children, “Petr confided to the website and added about the venue:” I grew up here. I […]

Dominika shocks about dad († 80): Could he still be here if …

Dominika Gott (48) once again got her controversial reputation. From a Finnish exile, where she flew to a similarly troubled husband a few months ago, she sends a message to her father’s 82nd unborn birthday. And it’s really power! “I commemorate the anniversary of his birth in Finland, where I decided to live again. I […]

Dusno between Dada and Felix: The son comes up with an unexpected proposal!

Musician Felix Slováček Jr. probably already has had enough endless wars between his parents, so he came up with an offer to consolidate the situation on the domestic front at least a little. He intends to accommodate the flying father with him! Thirty-seven years old Felix Slováček would have nothing at all against his dad […]