Dolanský and his end in Slunečná: It’s out! WHY HE HAD TO DIE!

The sympathetic rascal Jakub Javůrek from the Slunečná farm has entered the hearts of spectators. Even the representative of Týna Popelková wept for his touching departure, when he mixed a deadly cocktail of herbs from a shaman due to a brain tumor. Even though everyone knew from the beginning how Cuba would end. From side […]

Hvězda Slunečné Burešová: 2 YEARS SECRET CHANGE OF NAME!

Lambora he gave nothing but asking the woman of his heart ceremoniously in his full name. However, it also lasted. The favorite couple had a swing-like relationship. That’s why the actor wanted to enjoy it. Like a queen “Only screenwriter René knew the full name Decastelo, ”Revealed Aha! Prima television spokesman Josef Ducký. And the […]

The Sunny star on a trip: Marek Lambora no longer hides his love with Bezděková

The star actor from Slunečná went on a trip with his new girlfriend. Marek Lambora and Andrea Bezděková definitely do not hide their love, even though they initially tried to do so. From the picture they published on social networks, he directly sprays love. In particular, after all her love adventures, the model is glad […]

After Slunečná and in reality: Eva Josefíková is a mother!

The actress’ partner, screenwriter Matěj Podzimek (40), boasted a happy novelty. “The second most beautiful woman in the world was added yesterday. Her name is Lota Podzimková and she is looking forward to seeing you. And Evička is a goddess. Like all moms, “ announced on the social network a proud dad who was working […]

Hvězda Slunečné Brodská: SECRET PREGNANCY!

Of course, she did not give birth alone Tereza Brodská (52). Nevertheless, she is a very close relative, because she became a grandmother. The girl was born into her only son Samuel (25) with her partner Luisa. Although her family and colleagues from Sluneční tajemství knew that Brodská would have a granddaughter, they did not […]