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I think the route choice would be different today

– I am not at all sure if we had made the same route choice today as in 2014, says Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp). The former Minister of Transport and Communications had taken the trip to Ålesund on Wednesday, where he, among other things, visited the new folk high school at Sjøholt. Solvik-Olsen was minister when […]

Elden appointed as legal aid lawyer in the Espås case

Espås was raped and killed in Geiranger on August 8, 1996, and since then the case has been an unsolved murder case. TV 2 reports that Elden has been appointed at the request of the victim’s mother. – It characterizes her that the murder of her daughter has not been solved. It has been a […]

Motorcycle driver to hospital with air ambulance

A car and a motorcycle collided on E39 / 136 just east of Sjøholt on Friday afternoon. Unknown extent of damage to driver of motorcycle, is taken by air ambulance, the police inform on Twitter. The police do not know that others are injured. E39 / 136 was closed for about three quarters of an […]

Two died and a third is badly injured after lightning on the mountain

Relatives have been informed and will be taken care of, the police in Møre og Romsdal report at 18.56. – Just after kl. 17 we received a message from Melshornet about a tour group of three people. They were badly injured. She who reported feared that those who went with her had died. It turned […]

NIPH and the Prime Minister: The pandemic is not over in Norway

– There are very few who are admitted to hospital, and less than a couple of thousand infected who are detected per week. The numbers are declining rapidly at the same time as more and more people are being vaccinated. We will see some small outbreaks here and there, but we know how to stop […]

This happened last night – Sunnmørsposten

Over 100,000 coronary heart disease in Norway In the last 24 hours, 900 new corona infections have been registered in Norway. That is 327 more than the day before, but 169 fewer than the same day last week. In Oslo, the number of infected increased by 314. At midnight on Wednesday night, 100,149 corona-infected people […]

All evacuated from cargo ships in the sea west of Ålesund

The main rescue center writes in a twitter message that the vessel was abandoned at 20.14. The four remaining crew were then evacuated by rescue helicopter. One of them has been reported injured and is being taken to hospital. The rest of the crew of a total of 12 people were flown to Ålesund early […]

The special unit notified after death in police custody

It appears in a press release on Wednesday 9 September. – It is too early to say anything about what is the reason why he died, and the Bureau has been notified in the case, says prosecutor Elin A. Drønnen in Møre og Romsdal police district. The special unit will investigate the case further, and […]