Sunday’s sports show: Liverpool and Real Madrid on the field

On Sunday, they will play a match in the 6th round of football NB I: Puskás Akadémia – Kisvárda live on the NSO! As far as Hungarian football is concerned, there will also be NB II and NB III. In the English Premier League we can also see Liverpool, in Serie A we can also […]

Sunday’s sports program: The Hungarian national team plays in Albania

On the last day of the week, the Hungarian national football team will play as a guest of Albania in the European qualifiers of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. England-Andorra and San Marino-Poland will also play in Group I. Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany are also taking the field. In the evening, Brazil and Argentina […]

Sunday’s sports show: German-Portuguese in the U21 European Championship final

The final of the U21 European Championship will be held on the last day of the week: Germany will meet Portugal, and the match can also be watched on television. The teams preparing for the European Championships will once again play a preparatory match, with the Austrians, Dutch, English, Belgians and Croats on the field. […]

track at Barca and Real; Women’s Handmade MK Final –

On the last day of the week, it will be decided who will qualify for NB I football, but we will not be left without top football either: in the German Bundesliga we will see RB Leipzig, in the Italian Serie A Milan will start and in La Liga the race will continue. for the […]

Sunday sports show: MU – Liverpool; track in Barcelona

On the last day of the week we will not be without football NB I: Budafok – Budapest Honvéd live on the NSO! Not just whatever fans are staged in the English Premier League, Manchester United are looking wolfishly at Liverpool. In Italy, pitches are Juventus and Roma, in Spain, Barcelona. There will also be […]

Sunday sports show: Fehérvár – FTC; English League Cup Final

We won’t be without football NB I on the last day of the week either: Budafok – Paks, Fehérvár – FTC and Honvéd – Mezőkövesd live on the NSO! In the English League final, Manchester City and Tottenham will be in tension with each other. As for the English Premier League, Manchester United are playing […]

Sunday sports program: Ferencváros and MU on the field

The 27th round of NB I continues on Sunday: Kisvárda – Fehérvár, Budafok – FTC and PAFC – Mezőkövesd live on the NSO! In the English Premier League pitches are the Spurs and Manchester United. In the Spanish La Liga, Atlético Madrid will play as a guest of Seville. Siófok is once again in action […]

Sunday sports show: Barca and Juve on the field; Veszprém – Szeged

On Sunday night, FC Barcelona will play at the home of Real Sociedad, the match can be followed live on the NSO! In the Italian Serie A we can see Juve and Milan, in the evening Roma and Naples are straining each other. The Old Firm is coming to Scotland, Celtic is meeting the Rangers. […]

Fucsovics wins the final at the ATP tournament; Man. City-MU

On Sunday, the 25th round of football NB I will end with three matches – Honvéd will meet Kisvárda, ZTE will meet the FTC, Budafok will meet Fehérvár. In the English Premier League, a city fixture will be held, with Manchester City hosting Manchester United. There will also be a derby in the Spanish La […]