Agreement between Suez and Veolia on the terms of their merger

Veolia and Suez announced on Monday April 12 that they had reached an agreement in principle on Sunday evening on the main terms and conditions of the merger between the two groups. The two groups notably agreed on a Buying price of 20.50 euros per Suez share. Veolia initially offered 18 euros, an amount deemed […]

[Cerita Dunia] History of the Statue of Liberty, Originally Installed on the Suez Canal

SUEZ, – History Statue of Liberty dates back to 1876, designed by sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the United States Declaration of Independence. However, did you know that the Statue of Liberty was originally not placed in New York but instead Suez Canal? The story begins with the construction of […]

The Suez Canal is a Dangerous Location

SUEZ, – Rescuers, Monday (29/3/2021), managed to free a very large container ship that had been trapped for nearly a week in Suez Canal. The success ended a crisis that has clogged one of the world’s most important waterways and halted billions of dollars of maritime trade per day. Aided by the tide, a […]

Suez Canal Proposal Specialist Open Close According to Ship Size Page all

MONTPELLIER, – Suez Canal The traffic jam for nearly a week cost the world hundreds of trillions of rupiah, and to prevent it from happening again an expert made a proposal. Professor Jean-Marie Miossec, an expert on maritime transportation at the Paul-Valery University in France, Montpellier, suggested The Suez Canal is closed and opened […]

Thousands die before shipwreck in Suez Canal (Obzor)

The stranded front of the ship There is a shortage of toilet paper, coffee and furniture worldwide Thousands of animals loaded on at least 20 ships are in distress because of the shipwreck in the Suez Canal, the Guardian reported. There are fears that if the blockade lasts too long, the animals may starve or […]

Current Condition of the Suez Canal, Various Ways Not to Move Ever Given’s Ship

SUEZ, – Efforts are underway to float Ever Given, the 400 meter long vessel that has blocked Suez Canal in Egypt since Tuesday (23/3/2021). The dredgers cleared sand and mud from around the bow of the ship. In addition, tugboats and cranes were deployed to move ships. On Thursday (25/3/2021), Shoei Kinsen as the […]