Ships Stuck Again in the Suez Canal, Had a Traffic Jam

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Another large cargo ship snagged in Suez Canal on Thursday (9/9) and had triggered congestion in one of the global trade routes. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) stated that the Panamanian-flagged Coral Crystal had problems while moving south of the canal. According to SCA, the 43,000-ton ship was caught in the […]

Suez Canal Proposal Specialist Open Close According to Ship Size Page all

MONTPELLIER, – Suez Canal The traffic jam for nearly a week cost the world hundreds of trillions of rupiah, and to prevent it from happening again an expert made a proposal. Professor Jean-Marie Miossec, an expert on maritime transportation at the Paul-Valery University in France, Montpellier, suggested The Suez Canal is closed and opened […]

Current Condition of the Suez Canal, Various Ways Not to Move Ever Given’s Ship

SUEZ, – Efforts are underway to float Ever Given, the 400 meter long vessel that has blocked Suez Canal in Egypt since Tuesday (23/3/2021). The dredgers cleared sand and mud from around the bow of the ship. In addition, tugboats and cranes were deployed to move ships. On Thursday (25/3/2021), Shoei Kinsen as the […]

The Suez Canal Is Still Closed, Is There An Alternative Route? Page all

SUEZ, – Shipping companies were forced to weigh alternative road options after major international trade traffic was blocked by giant containers, Ever Given. The incident, which closed the Suez Canal, meant many ships had to take a torturous alternative route by turning around the southern tip of Africa. Insider reports that according to analysts […]

5 Facts about the Traffic Jam in the Suez Canal: Chronology, Causes and Losses Page all – A giant ship laden with containers stuck on the Suez Canal, so the topic of conversation on social media. On Saturday (27/3/2021) at 11.45, the word “Suez” was tweeted 421 thousand times and became a trending topic on Twitter. This existing transportation route in Egypt is a vital international sea crossing. However, this […]

Closed Suez Canal, 200 Ships Queued, Countless World Losses Page all

SUEZ, – Total loss from impact Suez Canal closes are hard to quantify, and analysts say a lot will depend on how long it takes to reopen. The Suez Canal jammed the result kapal Ever Given or Evergreen ship according to the operator’s name, he got stuck diagonally on both sides of the canal […]