Freising – Big cinema for schools – Freising

The cinemas in the district have been closed for weeks and months. If the pandemic and the local infection numbers allow, they may soon be able to resume operations under certain conditions. And the school cinema week, in which the Moosburger Rosenhof-Lichtspiele have been participating for years, should then be on the program again. But […]

Passion Sunday – music on organ and cello – Freising

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To bridge the gap – podcasts and films – Freising

January 29, 2021, 10:09 p.m. To bridge:Podcasts and films The Diocesan Museum team provides entertaining insights It will take a little more than a year until the Diocesan Museum on the Domberg will finally reopen on Pentecost 2022 after renovation and renovation. In order to bridge the long waiting time in these Corona months, which […]

Legal dispute over densification – stage victory for Neufahrn – Freising

January 28, 2021, 9:51 p.m. Litigation about densification:Stage win for Neufahrn Federal administrative court deals with development plan In the legal dispute about a possible densification in the west of Neufahrn, the municipality has achieved a stage victory: After the defeat at the Bavarian Administrative Court (VGH), it has now achieved that the Federal Administrative […]

Negotiations by video – technically not possible – Freising

The fact that meetings and conferences are held via video chat has long been part of everyday professional life in many industries due to the corona pandemic. However, video chats are not so common at courts. However, things are slowly starting to move. After Munich, civil litigation will also be conducted online at the Ebersberg […]

SZ advent calendar – money for winter clothing – Freising

The R. family lives with their three children in the Freising district. The oldest daughter has already moved out after completing her professional training. The 48-year-old Mr. R. is severely impaired in health: He can only walk short distances painfully with difficulty. Again and again he has to undergo new operations. Ms. R. is employed, […]

Initiative in Hallbergmoos – Protection against rising rents – Freising

The project housing cooperative for Hallbergmoos receives support. The already existing private building cooperative in Garching has offered the people of Hallbergmoos to operate organisationally under their roof in order to save themselves the time-consuming establishment. “However, we will act independently in Hallbergmoos and implement our own concept,” said Sabina Brosch, Green Councilor and one […]

Moosburg – Moosburg Card 2.0 is on sale – Freising

The new Moosburg Card 2.0 goes on sale this Saturday and therefore in time for the pre-Christmas business. In contrast to the predecessor, which had a fixed value of ten euros per card and had to be used for a single purchase, “any amount of credit can now be topped up on the new Moosburg […]

Budget debate in Eching – dispute about table silver – Freising

Against fierce opposition from the CSU and FDP, the Echingen municipal council approved its budget for 2021. While the SPD, Greens, FW, Bürger für Eching, Echinger Mitte and CSU councilor Heike Krauss considered the budget to be appropriate in times of pandemics, the majority of the CSU and the FDP rejected it as “haphazard”. For […]