Concert – nocturnal invitations to love – Munich district

It’s a cross when no attractive men cross your path in life. No temptation that cannot be resisted. A mood creeps into your heart that makes you peaceful, almost demure. “For lack of opportunity, I’m just loyal,” sings Cornelia Corba in the role of Schwabing Gisela, “the state, I want to be honest, is completely […]

Sustainability – District awards future prize – District of Munich

There is a new award in the Munich district: citizens and companies that are particularly committed to environmental and climate protection and sustainability are to be rewarded with the district’s future award. Shortly before the summer break, the district council launched this award. It is to be awarded for the first time in September 2022. […]

Education – Who Needs a School Building? – District of Munich

The technical college may soon be the largest school in hair. And yet you have to look for it, even if you are standing directly in front of it. Is it entrance 9a or entrance 10a? A look at the doorbell will help. In addition to the company name, there is “FOS Haar” on two […]

Education – learning island in the park – district of Munich

There are already some rough concrete walls several meters high between the cranes, and the foundation can also be seen. Anyone who is currently peering between the fences at the construction site of the new Kirchheimer Gymnasium can gradually and better imagine that a school for around 1,350 pupils will be opened here in just […]

Feldkirchen – Money for broadband expansion – District of Munich

June 16, 2021, 10:03 p.m. Feldkirchen:Money for broadband expansion The municipality of Feldkirchen will receive 4.75 million euros from the federal funding program to support broadband expansion. The Bundestag members Florian Hahn (CSU) from Putzbrunn and Bela Bach (SPD) from Planegg are equally pleased, as they announced in press releases sent almost simultaneously on Wednesday […]

Looking ahead – In search of elderberry spirits – District of Munich

The infection situation relaxes, the weather is noticeably better. So the vacation “at home” for children and young people in the district can still be eventful, there are a few possibilities for this. However, places are scarce for some offers and you should always check the provider’s homepage to see what the current information on […]

Ottobrunn – Podcast on the Bundestag election – District of Munich

May 13, 2021, 9:33 p.m. Ottobrunn:Podcast on the federal election In order to reach people in the digital space in Corona times, Yannick Rouault, the 27-year-old direct candidate of the ÖDP im District of Munich, since the end of March the podcast “How do I get into the Bundestag almost?”. He gets support from Yannick […]

Brunnthal – Helpful Highlights – District of Munich

Playing with perspective, ignoring topographical realities, transforming journeys of thought into creative manifestations – as an artist, despite all the hardships, it is currently sometimes easier to sublimate a seemingly unfree reality with little variety. The Munich artist Alexander Befelein, for example, creates idiosyncratic composed, quite realistic, but not realistic graphics, which are characterized by […]