9 stupid investments up to 88 pinjol blocked, here is the list

Jakarta – The Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) in October 2022 again blocked nine entities that submitted bids stupid investment alias without permission. In addition, the Task Force also blocked 88 illegal online lending (pinjol) platforms that could potentially harm the public, as well as 77 illegal private pawn shops carried out without authorization. SWI […]

Good news! Victims of fraudulent investments can get compensation in the PPSK bill

Jakarta – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the government will take criminal action on crimes in the financial sector. In this provision, the victim of a crime will be able to obtain compensation. Sri Mulyani also mentioned several potential crimes in the financial sector ranging from fraudulent investment, illegal online loans (lending), to Ponzi […]

Don’t Be Fooled by Maxwin’s Promise, Follow Safe Investment Tips

AROUND CIBUBUR – News about fraud impersonate stupid investment never seems finished in Indonesia. This is because, the majority fraud Investments are made by trading applications that can be easily downloaded on smartphones for free by the public. Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board (CoFTRA) The Ministry of Trade, as the referee and supervisor, has blocked […]

Bareskrim Confiscates Rp. 23 Billion Regarding the Viral Blast Trading Robot Case

Jakarta – The Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police confiscated money worth Rp. 23 billion from the Viral Blast trading robot case. Of this amount, Rp 1.5 billion of which came from football clubs Persija, Madura United and Bhayangkara FC. “The total amount of money that has been confiscated is Rp. 23,045,000,000, Rp. 1.5 […]

NM Artist Allegedly Endorser of Online Gambling, Ojol Driver Becomes a Victim

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The ease of playing online gambling makes more and more people tempted to do these very detrimental activities, including online motorcycle taxi drivers who use cellphones every day. Even the Association of Online Ojek Drivers, the Two-Wheel Action Association or Garda, received reports from many families of online ojek drivers, many […]

The long tail of Honor’s singing Rossa from DNA Pro confiscated by the police

Jakarta – Confiscation of the artist’s singing honor Rossa from DNA Pro by the police drew sharp attention from Senayan. Members of the DPR RI have questioned the confiscation of Rossa’s honorarium because it is the result of professional work. Summarized detik.com on Tuesday (26/4/2022), the total money confiscated from Rossa in the DNA Pro […]

Bareskrim Investigate Triumph’s bogus investment that made Indra Bekti dragged down

Jakarta – The Triumph platform, which is suspected of being fraudulent because it has caused up to Rp. 2.3 billion in losses to victims, has been reported to Police Criminal Investigation. an artist, Indra Bektiwas dragged into this case for being a Triumph brand ambassador. The Head of the Public Relations Division of the National […]