Weather on Sunday: Low storm Yulia sweeps over Germany – News

Deep Yulia is there. And the meteorologists cannot give the all-clear. It gets stormy. In large parts of North Rhine-Westphalia, strong winds and a lot of rain are expected – gusts of wind up to wind force 9. “Doesn’t look that bad,” summarized a spokesman for the German Weather Service. “It’s starting in NRW. The […]

Weather: Storm low Victoria brings almost 20 degrees on Sunday! – News

Hurricane Sabine passed, the flooding on the coast ran out. The outlook? It is spring-like – but also stormy again. Because: A new storm is coming up at the weekend – and it will bring very mild temperatures. The new storm low is called Victoria. “The Canary Islands blow from the south-west of Europe. In […]

“It really starts now” TIME ONLINE

The storm Sabine has reached the north German coast. Storm gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour and individual hurricane gusts of up to 110 kilometers per hour were already common in the early Sunday afternoon, said Felix Herz of the German Weather Service (DWD). “It really starts now.” In the next few hours, […]

Severe weather: federal government warns of storm depression Sabine –

Severe weather: Confederation warns of storm depression Sabine Storm warning: Hurricane “Sabine” could become even stronger than “Petra” Aargauer Zeitung No winter and FM1Today storms every few days Storm «Sabine» is so violent Sturmtief employs Europe and Switzerland More on the topic in Google News ,

Weather in Germany: storm low Lolita blows polar air to us – News

Berlin – Lots of clouds, filthy temperatures and heavy gusts of wind. Deep Lolita has a firm grip on Tuesday. And it starts: Because of strong winds, a 49-year-old man crashed into the guardrail and overturned in the morning on Autobahn 6 near Wattenheim (Bad Dürkheim district) with his sprinter. In Lindau on Lake Constance […]