Announcement! BCA Decides Stock Split with 1:5 . Ratio

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA) will conduct a stock split with a ratio of 1:5. This is done by observing the development and dynamics of the domestic economy and market, including trading activities on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. “As a member of the stock exchange, we are also committed to […]

Discount Price! These 5 Bluechips Are Still Cheap but Not Cheap

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Within one month, the domestic stock market tends to move sideways. The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) is consolidating in the area of ​​5,950-6,125. There is no positive sentiment that is able to move the capital market, amidst the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and making Indonesia’s economic outlook bleak. Of […]

Bunda Hospital Manager Offers IPO Price of 300-Rp 350/share

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The hospital management company, PT Bundamedik Tbk will list its initial shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in early July. Based on the brief prospectus published on Tuesday (29/6/2021), the parent of PT Diagnos Lab Tbk (DGNS) will offer 620 million shares with a nominal value of Rp. 20 per […]

Hi Millennials, Here Are Tips To Start Investing In Stock For Beginners

loading… JAKARTA – Stock investment is increasingly in demand by millennials. It proves that investing at a young age important as a guarantee in old age. Youtuber Angga Dinata who is also an investor gives tips on starting stock investment for beginners. Focus at the beginning, namely prioritizing profit properly. Because, the main thing is […]

Anti-Complicated, Opening an Account at MNC Sekuritas is Very Easy: Just One Click!

loading… JAKARTA – Stock investment offers lucrative profit potential. Not surprisingly, young people in Indonesia are starting to become investment literate and try to invest in the capital market. Stock investment is an investment activity in the form of purchasing company securities. Head of Marketing Online Trading MNC Sekuritas Thomas Hadibowo said that it is […]

BINA to the Moon Shares Salim Injected, Other Mini Banks Fall

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Stock mini banks aka BUKU II banks (banks with core capital of Rp 2 trillion-Rp 5 trillion) moved differently at the beginning of this trade, Thursday (17/6/2021). Shares of PT Bank Ina Perdana Tbk (BINA) soared the most, as shareholders approved the company’s plan to increase capital through a pre-emptive rights […]

Crazy! The Devil of Technology Stocks, to The Moon Together

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of issuer stocks that are included in the IDX Sector Technology index resumed their strengthening rally in early trading this morning, Thursday (10/6/2021). The sector index returned to the lead with an increase of 13.69%. The following is the movement of technology stocks this morning, at 09.13 WIB. Multipolar […]

Revealed! Lo Kheng Hong’s story, Babak Belur in BUMI’s stock

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The name, placing funds on the stock market, of course, does not always provide benefits for investors. In fact, behind his success story as a well-known RI investor, Lo Kheng Hong, it turns out that he has also experienced ‘getting stuck’ in one of the stocks. He told him through a […]

Lo Kheng Hong opens up about reasons for not investing in crypto

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The tendency of retail investors to move to cryptocurrency assets is a concern of market participants. Especially recently, investing in crypto assets is currently in hype or is currently a hot topic of conversation among all circles. Despite the hype, veteran Indonesian investor Lo Kheng Hong apparently doesn’t want to get […]