“We cannot forgive.” Alfonso Signorini disappointed

Stefano Bettarini disqualified from Big Brother Vip: “We can not forgive.” Alfonso Signorini disappointed. To use a phrase that the former footballer often used, it only lasted three days “from Christmas to Boxing Day”. The blasphemy pronounced in the garden in front of Francesco and Enock could not go unnoticed and Big Brother made his […]

you can hear everything clearly, from disqualification – Libero Quotidiano

Incredible Stefano Bettarini. Entered at Big Brother Vip only two days ago, during the episode of Friday 6 November conducted by Alfonso Signorini on Canale 5, he may already be forced to leave the reality show due to disqualification. The disciplinary measure should in fact be inevitable, because Bettarini was guilty of too heavy a […]