In Ukraine, businesses are massively fined for illegal labor

Photo: In Ukraine, businesses are massively fined for illegal labor Large-scale inspections of businesses for compliance with labor laws have been going on in the country for a month now. Every third enterprise audited by the State Labor Service of Ukraine violates labor laws. About it informs OpenDataBot on Monday, August 2nd. The most […]

Boeing employees move en masse to Amazon and SpaceX

Hundreds of Boeing employees move to Amazon and SpaceX Boeing is cutting staff due to record financial losses following two plane crashes and a pandemic. Hundreds of former Boeing employees have moved to Amazon and SpaceX as Boeing is downsizing. About it informs Blooomberg on Monday 26 July. The agency, citing LinkedIn data, writes that […]

In the Netherlands, nearly 200 people contract COVID-19 at a party

Photo: Nearly 200 young people in the Netherlands contract COVID-19 at a party Staff tested negative for coronavirus and guests were checked for vaccination certificates or negative tests. In the city of Enschede, the Netherlands, after a party, an outbreak of coronavirus was recorded – 180 people fell ill. About it informs RTV Oost […]

In Odessa, there was a shooting near the city hall

Photo: Dumskaya The man was previously convicted of robbery and extortion Deboshira was detained by employees of the municipal guard. A pistol was seized from him and a police squad was called. In Odessa, near the building of the City Council on Dumskaya Square, a man fired a pistol. It is reported by Duma Wednesday, […]

Russian diplomats were not allowed to lay flowers at the Pushkin monument near Lviv

Photo: frame from video In the Lviv region, the National Corps did not allow Russian diplomats to lay flowers at the Pushkin monument Employees of the Russian consulate in the Lviv region left the village of Zabolotovtsi, taking flowers with them. In the village of Zabolotovtsy, Lviv region, representatives of the National Corps did not […]

SBU in Odessa region released the ship “hijacked” by terrorists

Photo: SBU conducted exercises in Odessa During the exercise, intelligence officers prevented “terrorist attacks”, which, according to legend, tried to arrange several sabotage groups on the territory of the OPZ and freed the ship with hostages. Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine conducted large-scale anti-terrorist exercises in the Black Sea in the Odessa […]

Russian tanker crashed into an oil rig in the Caspian

Photo: Telegram-channel Baza The structure of the tower fell on the ship None of the tower’s crew and maintenance personnel were injured. The oil spill was also avoided. Russian tanker Captain Zhitovsky crashed into an oil rig in the Caspian Sea. This was announced by the Telegram channel The base on Tuesday, May 18th. The […]

Bordeaux-Lens: the Girondins group with Bessilé, without Ben Arfa – Girondins

The Girondins staff have communicated the composition of the group to face RC Lens on Sunday at 9 p.m. Guardians : Costil, Poussin, Rouyard Defenders : Baysse, Benito, Bessilé, Kwateng, Poundjé, Sabaly Environments : Adli, Basic, Lacoux, Seri, Sissokho, Zerkane Forwards : Briand, De Préville, Hwang, Mara, Oudin, Traoré Absent : Otavio, Koscielny, Kalu, Ben […]

In Japan, an explosion thundered at the Khmizavod

An explosion occurred at a chemical plant in the Japanese city of Iwaki in Fukushima Prefecture Firefighters and police officers work on the spot, no evacuation of the population of residential buildings in the district was announced in connection with a fire at the plant. At least four people were injured in an explosion and […]

The UOC-MP announced the seizure of a temple in the Rivne region

Photo: UPC MP Parishioners called police officers The seizure of the temple was attended by employees of municipal law enforcement agencies from the city of Varash and members of the district council, according to the church. Representatives of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), with the assistance of local deputies, seized the temple of the […]