There are white spots on the tongue, watch out for Covid-19 symptoms

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – When looking at white spots on tongue, most likely it is thrush. Kailesh Solanki, dentist for Dentalphobia UK, said the white patches could also be a symptom of Covid-19. Other triggers may include smoking, antibiotics, diabetes, or anemia. “A break from smoking and drinking will usually help clear up an episode of […]

18 Ways to Treat Thrush Quickly and Effectively, Use Natural Ingredients

Betel leaf The first way to treat thrush is to use betel leaf. Various benefits of betel leaf which are often used as plants in traditional medicine are as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. This plant, which is usually consumed by chewing, is indeed very good for health, especially as an herbal medicine for maintaining healthy […]

Manuka Honey Effectively Cures Thrush

loading… JAKARTA – There are many reasons why sprue appear. For example, after biting the inside of the cheek, food intolerance or allergies, and toothpaste irritate the mouth. Feeling tired, stressed or anxious can also cause canker sores to form. Also read: No need to cry, relieve canker sores with the following household ingredients Like […]

Thrush More Than One Month Could Be A Sign Of Oral Cancer – One of the oral and dental health problems that are often experienced by many people is canker sores. Although it is often experienced, this problem needs to be taken seriously, especially if it occurs for more than a month. The reason is, this can be a sign of oral cancer in a person. […]

Thrush More Than 1 Month Could Be A Sign Of Oral Cancer, Here’s How To Treat It

FIX INDONESIA – Everyone may have experienced sprue, even most often underestimate with sprue. But you know, if you experience sprue more than a month is a sign you have it oral cancer. “In general you have to be able to differentiate sprue usual with cancer, namely healing time sprue, level sprue, location, feel around […]

Be careful, canker sores can become oral cancer, Jakarta Sprue does not include a serious and dangerous oral disease so that its treatment is often underestimated. However, sprue can trigger oral cancer if not treated early. As stated by a dentist from Mitra Keluarga Bintaro Hospital, Rusmawati, in general everyone needs to have the knowledge to distinguish common canker sores from cancer, […]

Sprue Doesn’t Heal? Beware of Oral Cancer Signs

JAKARTA, REQnews – For many people canker sores are sometimes underestimated. But after reading this article, maybe that assumption will disappear. Because if the canker sores have been experienced for more than one month, it could be a sign of oral cancer. “In general, you have to be able to distinguish between regular canker sores […]

5 Ways to cure thrush with natural ingredients

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Canker sores are sores in the mouth that cause pain. There are many things that cause thrush. Starting from stress, vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, and other health conditions. You must try the following ways to cure thrush to overcome that problem. Apple Cider Vinegar Quoting from Femina India (, one of the […]