Tesla opened Gigafactory 4 near Berlin. Production will start this year

The event called Giga Fest was supposed to allow people to look into the Tesla factory, go through all parts of the production, but above all to see and hear Musek himself on stage. “Starting production is quite easy. The most difficult thing will be to achieve volume production, “added the head of Tesla to […]

Shanghai Hit by Floods Due to Typhoon In-Fa, Employees Asked by WFH

Liputan6.com, Shanghai – Citizen activities Shanghai, China, hindered as a result typhoon In-fa which resulted in flooding. The typhoon arrived in Shanghai after first arriving in Zhoushan. On Monday morning (26/7), the typhoon hit the Pinghu area adjacent to Shanghai. The China Meteorological Center said the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and the municipality of Shanghai […]

World’s Largest Planetarium Officially Opens in Shanghai

TEMPO.CO, Shanghai Shanghai Museum of Astronomy, planetarium the world’s largest in terms of building scale, officially opened on Saturday, July 17, 2021. Like the sundial mechanism, the point of light on the ground changes when sunlight passes through the circular skylight and becomes a perfect circle during the day during the summer solstice. Xihe Tower […]

The world’s largest planetarium opens in Shanghai

Photo: Xinhua The area of ​​the planetarium is about 58.6 thousand square meters. m – – The planetarium has introduced technologies such as data visualization, augmented and virtual reality, as well as biometric technologies. The Shanghai Astronomical Museum (SHAM), the largest planetarium in the world, has been open to the public since Sunday. This was […]

Communist Party of China: Changeable like a chameleon

WHow often has it been pronounced dead, and how often has it taught its critics otherwise. We are talking about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is celebrating its 100th birthday these days. What sounds like a joke is reality: in 1921 a few communists meet in Shanghai to found a party. 100 years later, […]

Russian woman relieved herself at the Shanghai airport (video) – UNIAN

Whether the Russian woman got on board the plane is not reported. Russian woman relieved herself at the airport / screenshot – At Shanghai Pudong International Airport Russian woman made up for a small need right at the check-in counter of the Aeroflot airline. Eyewitnesses filmed the incident on video, it was published in the […]

From Houston to Shanghai, self-driving cars are already on the streets: how they work

Came the day. Self-driving cars are already on the streets of several cities. And it is not a question of functional tests in closed circuits, “far from reality”. Filled with sensors, these autonomous vehicles share the streets with conventional cars, buses, trucks, and even cross pedestrians. Shanghai is the largest city in China and the […]

The “brain” of China, which sees everything in Shanghai

Gigantic information is leaking to the Monitoring Center in the Pudong residential area of ​​the Chinese city of Shanghai. The Center’s staff has access to a total of 290,000 surveillance cameras in Pudong, some of which can be remotely controlled.Deutsche says“. Pictures appear on the huge screen showing people in violation: a construction worker without […]

Real estate loans in China, with a slower pace

At the end of April, the sector’s loans expanded by 10.5% year-on-year, the lowest growth rate in eight years. – – – For Concepcion Nunez Details Published: June 01, 2021 I like1 I do not like it0 – China’s real estate loans increased in April at the slowest pace in eight years. At the end […]