I’m a sexy Barbie, no one will spin me

Galena became a real Barbie in the video for her new song “You’re not for me”. The video premiered on her online channel. “Every little girl dreams of being a Barbie doll. I’m no exception, and when I’m surrounded by creative people, the result is there – my summer proposal for all the sexy Barbies […]

Irina Sheik and the new sexy photos of the model without a top

Irina Shayk she is our favorite and we often peek into her social media profiles to see if she has posted a new sexy photo. Irina Shayk and a few unbuttoned buttons How sexy is the model in New York And in recent days, the model really makes us happy with a shock dose of […]

In Poland, released data on cases of child abuse in the church

Фото: newspaper news Primate of Poland apologizes to victims of sexual violence Sexual abuse of children has been recorded for 62 years. 368 cases were registered. In Poland, data was released on cases of sexual abuse of children in the period from 1958 to 2020, committed in the structures of the church. During this time, […]

The queen appeared on the red carpet in an extreme dress without underwear. Photo

Anna Adamaites The star arrived at the “Heat” accompanied by her husband. Natasha Koroleva. Photo: Global look press It is hardly an exaggeration to say that Natasha Koroleva became one of the brightest stars of the Zhara red carpet on June 26th. Her outfit struck the audience on the spot, and had a magnetic effect […]

Selah Sue signs her comeback with a groovy and playful track! (video)

Selah Sue we had missed, but here it is! It’s with the single Free Fall, a funky hymn against a backdrop of groove, that the Belgian singer returns to the front of the stage! Propelled to the rank of star thanks to the singles Alone and Raggamuffin, the artist has become much more discreet in […]

Camellia glowed the web with this sexy PHOTO 18+

The years fly by, but that doesn’t stop Camelia from being sexier. On the contrary – the seductive folk diva does not stop maintaining a unique body and making improvements in her vision. For some her fans welcome her, for others she suffers criticism, but it is a fact that she is among the hottest […]

There are no such legs in pop folk! Camelia exploded with PHOTO 18 …

The folk singer Kamelia once again demonstrates a perfect appearance and a generous dose of provocation. The 50-year-old chalga star puts in her pocket younger colleagues who can only envy her, especially for her long legs. The blonde, who in the last few months has decided to repair her face, ignited the passions with a […]

Sexy mom Míša Maurerová (41): Lážo beach on the balcony!

Swimsuit, straw hat, drink and hurray for the balcony! “I’ve always been a stubborn, defiant girl. I did a lot of things in the situation and in spite of the people. Over time, my defiance abraded a lot, but sometimes I still can’t … ”the actress commented on the photo in a green bikini. “So […]

The Swiss decided: Complete concealment of the face is not allowed

The Swiss approved today with a small majority the ban on hiding the face Photo: Pixabey The Swiss approved today with a small majority the ban on hiding the face – a signal against radical Islam according to its supporters, xenophobic and sexist initiative according to others, AFP reported. The text, originally proposed by the […]