Japan, Great Britain and Italy join forces to develop new fighter planes

The new type of fighter is expected to be ready by 2035 and its development should bring together countries’ current research into cutting-edge air combat technology, a joint statement said. Attached to the statement is a set of photos showing a rendering of the new planes flying over Mount Fuji and over London and Rome. […]

[과학핫이슈]Secret Dangers Hidden in the Sunlight – Electronic Newspaper

Danger is always lurking in the dark. In order to recognize danger in advance, humans instinctively have a sense of crisis and readiness towards beings who will become dangers in the dark. However, it is difficult to have this awareness of the danger of sneaking up close behind the sunlight. Such an existence is an […]

French scientists think Martian microbes may have wiped out themselves

The researchers presented their study this week in the journal Astronomy of nature. Their theory is that microbes changed the planet’s atmosphere and thus triggered an ice age that wiped them out. The discovery can be said to provide dark perspectives on existence for some. Life – even simple life forms like microbes – “can […]

Risk of recommending a little volume of monkeypox vaccine in the EU owing to lack of provide | Reuters

The European Union Medications Agency (EMA) claimed on Monday it could recommend decreased-than-usual doses of the monkeypox vaccine as a temporary measure thanks to supply shortages. (2022 REUTERS / Brendan McDermid) (Suitable typos in sentences.) [ロンドン 19日 ロイター] – The European Medicines Company (EMA) of the European Union (EU) could advise decrease-than-normal vaccine doses for […]