Children’s news to listen to: The discovery of blood groups

The physician Karl Landsteiner found out 120 years ago: Blood is not always blood! This discovery saved the lives of a great many people. Zürich | Blood! When that flows, some people prefer to look the other way. But the physician Karl Landsteiner did the opposite. He examined blood closely and found that it can […]

Eutin: Great-great-great-grandchildren calls for the city to pay more attention to Tischbein

Ulrich Pape-Tischbein, together with the Tischbein Society, campaigns for the famous Eutinian painter to be brought back into the public eye. Eutin | The Eutin Tischbein Society has now added a special new member to its ranks: Ulrich Pape-Tischbein. The man from Lübeck is the great-great-great-grandson of the former Eutin court painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm […]

Preview: That brings the football week: European Cup and DFB nomination

The floodlights will go on again this week in the European Football Cup. The national coach and a court ruling could also provide something to talk about. Frankfurt am Main | Which face is FC Bayern showing this time? After turbulent days with cup disgrace, league five-pack and plenty of debates away from the pitch, […]

Company recalls Bambulini children’s sandals

RTL>regional news> October 26, 2021 – 7:40 pm clock Hanover (dpa) – Kienast Schuhhandels GmbH & Co.KG has recalled pink children’s sandals. The product Bambulini children’s sandals contain leather, the chromium content of which is above the limit value, according to a message published on Tuesday via the official portal food The leather comes […]