Current corona numbers: Hamburg overtakes Bremen – incidence rises to 1767.2

With 5764 corona cases on Saturday, the 7-day incidence in the Hanseatic city rose to a new record high. Hamburg | The number of registered new corona infections in Hamburg and the seven-day incidence continues to increase steadily. The health authority gave the number of reported infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week on Saturday as […]

Kid’s Listening: The Football Brothers Equanimous and Amon-Ra St. Brown

In the US, a lot of people like football. Also present: The St. Brown brothers. Although they come from the USA, they are also German. Los Angeles | What do you want to be later? That’s what a father asked his three sons. They were very young then and didn’t really know. You played a […]

Arrest in Spain: Opponent kidnaps her own children because of corona vaccinations

A woman in Spain now took drastic measures to “protect” her children from corona vaccinations. The father wanted the children to be vaccinated – then the argument escalated. Madrid | For two months, a woman in Spain went into hiding with her two underage sons so that the children would not be vaccinated against Corona. […]