Patrik Schick has never scored against Union Berlin

January 7, 2022 at 2:15 pm Bayer Leverkusen striker : Bayer’s Patrik Schick has never met against Union – Leverkusen’s Patrik Schick could win the “World Goal of the Year” award. Photo: dpa / Marius Becker – – Leverkusen Bayer Leverkusen’s striker Patrik Schick scored 16 goals in the first half of the season and […]

The national team spoke in vain for Schick at FIFA. Can he handle a stellar gunner?

Can the Czech national team handle without Patrik Schick? – Schick showed off in a great light at the recent EURO. He scored five goals and significantly helped the Czech participation in the quarterfinals, but some fans may have forgotten his crunch in March, when he pushed into the defending Roberts in the match […]

Pep and the casting of ‘9’ for Manchester City

03/07/2021 Act. a las 21:08 HONOR – – – – With the market getting more and more agitated and a Eurocup in between to revalue the players, fishing for some incorporation will be a daunting task for many clubs. Manchester City, used to big investments, want to join the party to hit the table with […]