There is work, there is no handicraft

The level of unemployment in Bulgaria in August is 4.3%, a record value since the existence of the statistics of the Employment Agency. At first glance, this is great news for the state: people rely on earned income, not social payments, and the coffers are filled with taxes and insurance. However, the news is not […]

Employees can bankrupt a company, because dissatisfaction means trouble

Satisfied employees equals higher profit, says Michal Novák, director of the eNPS TOP Employers of the Czech Republic study. – With the right work with employees, companies can increase profits by up to hundreds of percent. Or, conversely, they can reduce profits until the complete collapse of the company. Michal Novák, Director of eNPS TOP […]

In Krefeld, the start of the anniversary celebration of the Peace Cross of 1947

April 6, 2022 at 6:15 p.m Anniversary campaign “Give your face to peace” : In Krefeld, the start of the jubilee celebration of the Peace Cross – On Good Friday 1947, the pilgrimage of the “Peace Cross” through the diocese of Aachen began in war-ravaged Krefeld. To show their solidarity with this procession, which did […]

The Red Cross responded to accusations of complicity with the Russian Federation

Photo: Facebook/ICRCRu Red Cross convoy – – The ICRC called the accusations of the Ukrainian side false and spoke about the efforts to “meet humanitarian needs.” The International Humanitarian Organization Red Cross reacted to the Ukrainian side’s accusations of “impotence” and “forced deportation” of Mariupol residents to the Russian Federation. All data in the organization […]