Eva Vosková: won the battle for Brzobohatý over Bohdalová and Brejchová

“It was a wonderful shot, an unprecedented spectacle, but on the other hand it’s true that I don’t have much to compare it to, because I haven’t shot much”, said Eva Vosková, daughter of the only actor Václav Voska (†63). “The FL Age series was extraordinary. The director František Filip was also blessed by God. […]

Fans have drawn a petition! Will Laurin’s end rewind in Sestřičky?

“It was a shock for me, it never occurred to me that Mera’s character could end like this. It seems morbid to me these days, but as an actress, I’m seasoned. It’s not the first role I die. But mostly they were theatrical roles. During the filming, sarcasm and fun were a certain defense, “she […]

The shocking finale of the Sisters series. What will be next?

Really literally! The screenwriters are said to have blown up the Rubava Hospital. But according to information from this magazine, a replacement is already emerging for Sestřičky. Even that should be surprisingly from the medical environment. It should be the Czech version of the legendary series M * A * S * H. So the […]

Cruel and morbid? The horrible end of Laurin in Sestřičky

According to the Prima Ženy website, it has not been clear for a long time what the screenwriters will assign to Sister Mera from the Rubav urgent. But now it is! And it will really be a force, so be the last part Laurins in the Nurses, equip them with a proper pack of tissue. […]

Laurin after being fired from the series: FIND IT A NEW SHOP!

The actress had a hard time saying goodbye to the series from the hospital environment. “Yes, that’s right, I really said goodbye to the character of Mera after five beautiful years. Her story came true. I really got along with her and I will remember her as well as working with all the great colleagues. […]

Laurinová from Sestřiček: They cut her after 5 years! Why did she have to leave ?!

She has not yet commented on the circumstances and reasons for her ending in the successful series. And the leadership of Prima also remains silent. According to the information Aha! it was an unpleasant surprise even for the actress. “The audience still has really dramatic moments to watch the character’s story Sabina Laurinwhich will take […]

Laurinová from Sestřičky: I’m hard on myself!

“Actors have to be very tough on each other. No spectators are interested in how we feel, they want to see a perfect performance and so it’s okay, “said the actress, who plays her sister Mery in the popular primary series. – – Sabina Laurinová: My ailments started after my crown – – – – […]