Assist the war. Japanese Europe shut to the Russians

The restrictions on crossing the land border with Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland will appear into result on the evening of 19 September. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have decided to close entry to Russians with a Schengen tourist visa. These nations supported a overall ban on entry into the European Union, a determination that […]

Buk M1 destroyed Russian planes devoid of firing a shot

Image: Workers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ukrainian Buk shot down a Russian airplane without a one missile – – Melnik’s battery, which shared the story, stood up from Russian pilots for more than 6 months in the Kharkov region. 1 of the Ukrainian Buk M1 missile batteries wrecked the Russian airplane with out firing […]

WSJ talked about the system for the Ukrainian armed forces offensive in the south

Photo: Getty Images The counter-offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is going gradually, but in accordance to strategy – – The Ukrainian army attempts to weaken the Russian forces forward while using artillery and very long-assortment missiles to hit strategic targets in the rear. The results of the counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces in […]

The Russian military is in shock. Press about the offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces

The Ukrainian counter-offensive usually takes put in conditions of informational silence. What do overseas journalists compose about it? Right after bulletins of a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces in the south there is quite little data on the procedure in the region – the Ukrainian authorities urged “do not develop a stir”, as this […]

“Putin’s blackmail has failed.” The European Union has stocked up on fuel

The long term will shortly arrive when Russia will offer nothing at all to Europe, gurus say. The European Union has attained its purpose of filling gasoline storage services two months in advance of program, stated European Fee President Ursula von der Leyen. This declare resulted in a drop in gas prices, which have been […]

“Funeral of Rome”. Francis angered the Ukrainians

The head of the Catholic Church named the ardent rashist Daria Dugina “an harmless victim of the war” and expressed his condolences. Pope Francis, who at the get started of Russia’s big-scale invasion of Ukraine was marked by a lot of hateful statements, has again angered Ukrainians. The head of the Catholic Church expressed his […]

The GUR defined the absence of a significant strike by the Russian Federation

Image: Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Russia these days released a series of attacks on Ukraine, some of the missiles had been shot down – – In Ukraine, large missile attacks from Russia have been anticipated on Independence Working day. The air alert is nearly uninterrupted now. Ukrainian intelligence chief Kirill Budanov commented on […]

Russia cannot form volunteer battalions for war – ISW

Russia has problems with manpower – – Volunteers, who nevertheless managed to be attracted, are sent directly to the war zones. The subjects of the Russian Federation exaggerate the number of people who signed up for volunteer battalions in order to hide the failures in their formation, says in a new report from the American […]