People criticize the adultery articles in the new Penal Code but have not read it

Jakarta – Coordinating Minister of Policy, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Mahfud Md respond to articles considered controversial in new penal codeone of which is the element of demand about adultery. According to Mahfud, many people criticize but have not read carefully the articles of the new penal code. So there is a misunderstanding. “Because sometimes […]

The new penal code harms women, the article on adultery violates privacy

Jakarta – National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan) to regret New version of the penal code which was approved by Parliament. The problem is that the penal code has the potential to legitimize the excessive criminalization of women. “The results of the penal code review that were approved by the DPR and the […]

Many have no legal rationale

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Senior lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea criticized the ratification of the draft penal code (RKUHP) became law by the government and the DPR in the plenary session on Tuesday (6/12). Through a video on his Instagram, Hotman says that many articles of the penal code are problematic because, according to him, they […]

Foreign media highlight RI’s threats to become authoritarian after the new penal code is approved

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — foreign media highlighting again the ratification of the penal code (Criminal code) Indonesia new Tuesday (6/12) because it includes a number of controversial articles related to human rights (HAM). Many international media have pointed out that the new Indonesian penal code increasingly affects the private sphere and individual household matters, especially […]

Colored by the hot breaks of PKS, DPR turns the RKUHP into law

Jakarta – The DPR RI approved the penal code draft (RKUHP). The ratification was taken today during a level II discussion at the 11th plenary meeting for the second session of the 2022-2023 session. The plenary session was held at Nusantara II, the parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Tuesday (6/12/2022). The meeting was chaired by […]

RKUHP approved early, Kebo collection authors were jailed for 6 months

Jakarta – There is only one step left for the DPR to approve the draft penal code. Parliament and the government believe that the draft penal code replaces the penal code left over from the Dutch colonizers which is more than a century old. One of its contents concerns couples who live in the same […]

Businessmen complaints about couples Not yet Muhrim has banned hotel check-in

Jakarta – One of the regulatory points in the draft of the draft criminal code (RKUHP) has become a scourge for entrepreneurs. This is the threat of criminal punishment for couples hotel check in but not married. Entrepreneurs, particularly those in the tourism and hospitality sector, are concerned that this regulation will cut down on […]