Jeff Bezos’ Space Flight Is More Dangerous Than Branson

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Billionaire Richard Branson’s success in reaching the edge of space on July 11 will be followed by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. If nothing goes wrong on July 20, 2021, Jeff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin, will travel to space on the New Shepard Blue Origin spacecraft. This July 20 moment marks […]

Countdown to Bezos’ suborbital flight – Space & Astronomy

On the day when the world remembers the 52nd anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 landing on the moon, the oldest and youngest space tourist, an 82-year-old and an 18-year-old, will experience the condition of microgravity for about three minutes. weightlessness that astronauts feel in their flights. The 82-year-old Wally Funk, and the 18-year-old Oliver […]

Bezos wants to break records in space without a pilot

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Jeff Bezos will break the record of being the first to go into space without a pilot by plane Blue Origin, after the title of the first billionaire to space has been overtaken by his competitors Richard Branson. Bezos, the former CEO of, will travel to the suborbital with four […]

Richard Branson, ‘Rich Young, Old Into Space’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Richard Branson bike ride to launch station outer space in New Mexico. In a black sports suit, complete with sunglasses, richest man The 589th in the world was escorted by two white cars to the belly of the VSS Unity spacecraft. It was quite a sunny day, Sunday (11/7), when the […]

The Black Spot Behind Richard Branson’s Escape to Space

Jakarta – Success Richard Branson darting into space with his Virgin Galactic plane was welcomed by many people because it was considered to open a new era of tourism space. Moreover, on July 20, the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos will also do it. Bezos will use the plane made by Blue Origin, the company […]

The Bitter Reality Behind Richard Branson’s Escape to Space

Jakarta – Richard Branson rejoicing at having successfully shot to melesat space with aircraft developed by his own company, Virgin Galactic. This means that public space travel will become a reality in the near future. As reported, the British man used the VSS Unity aircraft to reach a sub-orbital altitude of 88 kilometers. Later, space […]

Branson’s flight attracts investors. Space stocks will fly up, analysts say

Branson, who is the founder of the company Virgin Galactic, this weekend he successfully completed a flight aboard a spaceship, which he helped finance. It is this moment that has become a turning point, as it has attracted the attention of many investors who want to do business in the field of space tourism, says […]

Richard Branson’s message when he successfully penetrated into space

Reuters, CNN Indonesia | Monday, 12/07/2021 13:26 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Richard Branson and three of his crew managed to fly into space on Virgin Galactic. One step closer to the space tourism that Branson predicted will be realized. Virgin Galactic flies to a peak altitude of about 86 kilometers, which is the limit […]