Ricardo Peláez sets a precedent in Chivas with Alexis Vega and Uriel Antuna

The new scandal in Chivas starring Alexis Vega and Uriel Antuna does not leave the team in peace, just when it came from two victories in a row and the notable improvement in football at the hands of its new Technical Director Víctor Manuel Vucetich. That is why Ricardo Peláez argues that the punishments for […]

Liga MX. Chivas, close to renovating Chofis and opening doors to Macías

José Juan Macías never hid his desire to go to Europe and the day an important offer arrives for the striker or for any player from Chivas It will be analyzed and they will have the doors open to go out, assured the rojiblanco sports director in a videoconference, Ricardo Peláez. The leader recognized that […]

Chivas: Ramón Morales gave his opinion on Ricardo Peláez’s project in Guadalajara

With the arrival of Ricardo Peláez to the sports management of Striped Chivas from Guadalajara, one of the first surprises that occurred was the great investment made by the president, Amaury Vergara, to build a new team. In interview with Franco Franco, ESPN reporter, Ramon Morales commented why Amaury had decided to trust Pelaez and […]

Chivas: Ricardo Peláez forgets Club América and boasts his goals with the Herd

The Sports Director of Sacred Flock, Ricardo Peláezwho also played for Chivas, He recalled some of his goals scored with the Herd shirt and boasted them on social networks before his followers, because in the past he was criticized for having played in America and in Chivas. The Mexican manager debuted with America in 1985 […]

Chivas: Ricardo Peláez ignites the fans with his red and white passion

Taking advantage of the leisure time left by quarantine for the Coronavirus In Mexico, the sports president of the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara, Ricardo Peláez, showed his passion for the colors of the Flock by publishing a photo of his time as a player of the Tapatío team. Through his official Instagram account, the top […]

Caixinha reappears and accuses that Peláez wanted to ‘take over’ Cruz Azul

Editorial Half Time Mexico City / 02.25.2020 23:08:09 Pedro Caixinha reappeared this Tuesday five months after his dismissal at Cruz Azul and criticized Ricardo Peláez with everything, then sports director of the club and who accused of trying an “assault on power.” “First it was an assault on the power of the sports director. He […]