FX Rudy Compares Ganjar and Gibran: PDIP Solo Ever Experienced

Solo, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the Branch Board of Directors PDIP Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo compare declarations of support for Pranowo reward on 2024 presidential election with nomination Gibran Rakabuming Raka when running in the 2019 Solo mayoral election. He conveyed this in response to a statement by the Chairman of the Central Java […]

Rocky Gerung Calls Ganjar-Puan Stupid for Millennials, Aria Bima: Just a Fool!

Solo – PDIP Senior Cadre Aria Bima spoke up regarding Rocky Gerung’s opinion that Pranowo reward and Mrs. Maharani stupid in the eyes of millennials. According to him, this assumption must be seen from his point of view, so it does not necessarily call the two PDIP cadres stupid. “The stupid and smart question depends […]

PDIP DPP Will Bring Order to ‘Boars’ Rows: Must Know Yourself

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the PDI-Perjuangan DPP Hendrawan Supratikno revealed that his party would carry out enforcement related to the ‘row of wild boars’ and asked the frame to know yourself. This statement also responded to the Deputy Chairperson of the PDIP Purworejo DPC Albertus Sumbogo who declared support for the Governor of […]

The Boar Line Supports Ganjar to Make PDI Perjuangan Internal Hotter

Jakarta – Frame PDIP Supporters of Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 presidential election have increasingly heated up the internal heat of the PDIP Party after being called a boar by Central Java PDIP DPD Chairman Bambang ‘Pacul’ Wuryanto. They have now formed a wild boar logo, claiming that they will fight to win Ganjar. Actually, […]

Barisan Boar Fighting is Assessed by PDI-P’s Guided Democracy Resistance

Jakarta – The expression of a wild boar that was made by the Chairman of the Central Java PDIP DPD, Bambang Wuryanto, towards supporters of Ganjar Pranowo was immediately executed by PDIP cadres by making a long-toothed boar logo. A number of PDIP cadres madeThe Fighting Boar Line‘. Indostrategic’s Executive Director, Khoirul Umam, sees the […]

It’s not a bull but a boar

Sukoharjo – Deputy Chairperson of the PDIP DPC Purworejo Regency, Albertus Sumbogo and several administrators declared themselves ready to support Pranowo reward proceed 2024 presidential election. Chairman of the Central Java PDIP DPD Bambang ‘Pacul’ Wuryanto then mention the bull and boar. Initially, Bambang explained that PDIP was a party which was a line that […]

Natalius Pigai Reported to Bareskrim for Alleged Racism

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The Barisan Volunteers Nusantara (BaraNusa) group reports former Commissioner of Komnas HAM Natalius Pigai to the Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) Police on suspicion racism on Monday (4/10). “I have finished making the report (LP),” said the General Chairperson of BaraNusa, Adi Kurniawan when confirmed, Monday (4/10). In this case, the report […]

Pigai’s Racist Accusations Outrage against Jokowi and Ganjar

Jakarta – Comments from former Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission Natalius Pigai It was widely discussed because it was considered racist to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranomo. Several groups have spoken out about these racist allegations. He wrote the bustling Pigai statement on his official twitter account. […]

PDIP Reminds Sanctions of Cadres Supported by Nyapres, Ganjar Says This

Semarang – PDIP will give disciplinary sanctions to their cadres who mention or are said to be candidates for president or vice president in office 2024 presidential election. Meanwhile, Pranowo reward is a PDIP cadre who has received support from volunteers who declared themselves. What is Ganjar’s response? “My steps remain the same, take care […]