Molecular Biology Research Says Rats Will Give Birth to New Covid-19

NEW JERSEY – Recent research by biological scientists says mice can be carriers of viruses such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) without symptoms (asymptomatic). This emphasizes the epidemic Covid-19 The next one will be born from a mouse. As reported by the Daily Mail Saturday (20/11/2021), the findings were obtained from a Princeton University […]

How many stars are in the sky, here’s the answer

JAKARTA – How many stars in the sky just imagining it is already dizzy, let alone counting. But to count, we must first know the method of counting the number of stars in the universe. We can use the approach taken by Gerry Gilmore, astronomer and professor at the University of Cambridge, England, who was […]

Scientists Find Ageless Drugs from Disgusting Ingredients

LONDON – A group of scientists successfully developed anti aging method by using a disgusting material that is dirt. This method is claimed to be able to reduce aging by up to 70%. As reported by the Daily Star Wednesday (10/27/2021), research conducted at the University College of Cork, Ireland, used mice as an experimental […]

Scientists Say Monkey Sperm Can Treat Infertile Men

GEORGIA – A group of scientists claim that the production of sperm cells from monkey stem cells can help men with infertility problems alias infertility. As reported by the Daily Star Sunday (24/10/2021), a group of researchers from the University of Georgia used stem cells or primary cells collected from long-tailed monkeys to produce immature […]

Unlike in the movie, Experts Unpack the Original Alien Existence

LONDON – A zoologist from Cambridge University in England said that until now no one could confirm the original form alien. We only depict alien forms as depicted in science fiction films. As reported by the Daily Star Tuesday (5/10/2021), dr. Arik Kershenbaum said, no one knows the real alien sightings because their characters are […]

Headless Zombie Frog Roaming Canada

OTTAWA – A man in Canada claims to have found frog ‘zombies’ as an amphibian that is still alive even though its head has been cut off, As reported by the Mirror, Thursday (30/9/2021), the man said the incident occurred while he was at work and realized there was a headless frog in the grass. […]

This is the Reason for Using Alcohol to Preserve Samples in the Laboratory

KANSAS – If you have visited laboratory or a museum, you will see a number of human organs preserved in jars filled with liquid. It turns out that the liquid is alcohol with a high concentration so that it preserves the organ. Scientists have relied on this technique since the 1600s to preserve the specimen […]

8-year-old child has an IQ that exceeds the intelligence of Albert Einstein

MEXICO CITY – An eight year old girl in Mexico has intelligence brain or IQ that exceeds Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. As reported by Nesiatime, this child named Adhara Perez has an IQ level of 162 compared to Einstein and Hawking which is estimated to be around 160. READ ALSO – Educating the Nation’s […]

Glacier Shrinking, ADNR Reveals Hundreds of Meters of Tsunami Potential

WALES – Mega-tsunami in Alaska triggered by rock slides left destabilized after glacier melt is likely to occur within the next two decades. Even scientists are worried, mega-tsunam i it could happen in the next 12 months (1 year). READ ALSO – Tsunami Alert, 48 Earthquakes in West Java 74 Percent Occurred in the Sea […]

Scientists Find Duck Race That Can Talk Like Humans

MELBOURNE – Type of poultry who can talk like humans are not only parrots or parrots. Based on scientific research there are some Australian ducks are able to pronounce speech like humans. As reported by UNILAD, a recent study. Study finds baby in the Tidbinbilla nature reserve, south of Canberra was found repeating ‘you stupid’ […]