New 1817-horsepower “Venom F5” hypercar appeared, circuit-only car… US Announcement | Response (

Hennessy performanceteeth1moon9Japan, new Hennessy “Venom” hypercar F5Coupe-based circuit carPoison F5Coupe Revolution” (Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution Coupe) was announced in the United States. Poison F5The coupe is a hypercar developed with the goal of being the fastest road car in the world. car nameF5” is the highest degree on the tornado scale,F5derived from According to the […]

Mustang new “Dark Horse” model, the most powerful V8 in history is 500 horsepower… Ford will be released in the United States in the summer of 2023 | Response (

ford engine2023In the summer of 2018, the new Ford “Mustang” (Ford Mustangs) in the US market. ford engine12moon15announced the day. Mustang was born in the first generation1964It is a traditional model called year.of9The new model, which has undergone a model change for the first time in years,7Become a role model for the next generation. The […]

Europe competes only with PHEV, new Toyota Prius[foto di dettaglio]| Response (

Toyota engineThe European division of12moon5Japanese, newPrius plug-in hybrid』(Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid) announced the details of the European specification model. The new Prius in EuropePHE extensionalone. The European version of the new Prius plug-in hybrid has a maximum horsepower152 HPcreate2.0liter series4Equipped with a cylindrical petrol engine. The front-mounted engine has maximum power163 HPand,PHE extensionIn the system […]