Five worst fasting habits are named

Photo: You cannot drink tea and coffee on an empty stomach The nutritionist urged not to drink coffee and alcohol on an empty stomach, as well as give up chewing gum and disputes. Indian nutritionist Pooja Mahija has listed five habits that are bad on an empty stomach. The expert’s advice was published by […]

Migrants who arrived via Belarus riot in Lithuania

In Lithuania, migrants from Belarus staged a riot in the camp In the refugee camp, people refuse to accept food or negotiate, but only demand to be released. In Lithuania, illegal migrants who arrived from Belarus staged a riot in one of the schools, which was turned into a refugee camp. About it informs […]

The survey showed how drivers in Ukraine are ready to deal with traffic jams

Photo: Ukrainian drivers are not ready to give up cars in order to reduce traffic jams Ukrainian drivers are not ready to give up their cars, but see the solution to the problem in the construction of new infrastructure. In Ukraine, 73% of drivers believe that building new roads and junctions can reduce traffic […]

In Germany, they allowed the refusal of the SP-2 because of Ukraine

Photo: Three candidates for Chancellor of Germany commented on the importance of the SP-2 for Ukraine and Europe Two candidates for the post of German Chancellor expressed their readiness to abandon the operation of Sevpotok-2, and another called to prevent the completion of construction. Candidates for the post of Federal Chancellor of Germany Armin […]

Chaos in Europe. Vaccination failure and the third wave

The European Union is tightening quarantine due to an increase in the number of cases, and skeptics refuse the vaccine. The third wave of the coronavirus pandemic has begun in Europe, the European Commission said amid problems with vaccinations. In this regard, European governments are extending or tightening quarantine restrictions. tells the details. Europa’s […]

South Africa has sold a million AstraZeneca vaccines

Photo: DPA South Africa sold one million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine The authorities decided to abandon the drug due to its ineffectiveness against a local mutation of the coronavirus. The Republic of South Africa has sold a million doses of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine to the African Union. About it informs Reuters on Sunday, March 21. […]

can I refuse to have my child have a saliva test at school?

On February 11, the High Authority for Health (HAS) gave the green light for the use of saliva tests in schools for people without symptoms. The government’s objective was that at “ back from school holidays, we can perform several hundred thousand tests by saliva sampling ». In the Academy of Lille, where schoolchildren will […]

justice agrees with the gendarme, mother of a severely autistic child

Posted on 02/01/2021 at 4:35 p.m. Handicap. A former officer in Deauville wins her case. The administrative justice has just condemned the Ministry of the Interior which had refused that his colleagues offer him days off to take care of his son suffering from severe autism. In February 2019, the administrative court of Caen dismissed […]