Five more regions of Ukraine risk falling into the red zone: list – Ukraine News

Chief Sanitary Doctor Igor Kuzin named the regions where the covid situation is getting more complicated Igor Kuzin named the regions that are close to the red zone. / Photo: Collage: Today In Ukraine, the situation continues to deteriorate with morbidity COVID-19… Five more areas are at risk of entering the red zone of the […]

Lyashko named the areas that are approaching the red zone – Ukraine News

September 16, 18:04 Share this Copy link Western Ukraine suffers most of all, there is a large workload of beds. Lyashko: if there is a threat of overload on the healthcare system, we will propose to introduce a red level. Collage: “Today” The head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Lyashko said that Chernivtsi, Ternopil, […]

Drastic Increase, COVID-19 Red Zone Becomes 180 Regions!

Jakarta – The number of COVID-19 red zone areas in Indonesia increased dramatically from last week. Based on data compiled by the COVID-19 Task Force as of July 18, 2021, there are 180 regencies/cities that have entered the COVID-19 red zone. An increase of 51 regions compared to last week, namely 129 COVID-19 red zone […]

These are 20 regencies/cities in East Java that are the red zones for COVID-19

Surabaya – A total of 20 regencies/cities in East Java became COVID-19 red zone. Starting from Ngawi to Banyuwangi. The COVID-19 red zone in East Java increased by 17 this week. Previously there were only three namely Banyuwangi, Bondowoso and Madiun City. Dozens of regencies/cities in East Java have become COVID-19 red zone namely Banyuwangi, […]

Covid Zoning System Changed, Testing Ratio Now As Reference

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said the government would change the system zoning Covid-19 following the findings of a number of local governments circumventing the data on the transmission of cases in their area. Budi revealed that a number of regional governments did not conduct tests aggressively so as not […]

“Close calls to avoid red areas”

How will we defend ourselves from Delta variant? With the mini red zones to stop the first fires immediately; with an alarm system when in a given territory 250 positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants are exceeded but also with high vigilance already at 100. “And above all – urges the Undersecretary of Health, Pier […]

1,006 new cases in Quebec

Quebec reports 1,006 cases of COVID and 9 deaths, bringing the total to 351,880 infected people and 10,942 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Yesterday, the province recorded 1,101 infections and 7 deaths. THE SITUATION IN QUEBEC AS OF MAY 2, 2021 – 351,880 people infected (+1006) – 10,942 deaths (+9) – 574 people […]

Update 11 Red Zones and 8 Regions that Do not Have Covid-19 Cases in Indonesia, Which? The all page – The spread of corona virus cases globally is still happening. Launch data worldometers until Sunday (18/4/2021) morning, coronavirus case globally reaching 141 million. Meanwhile, there were 1,599,763 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia until Saturday (17/4/2021). Also read: Government Free Covid-19 Vaccine, Why Is It Given Through Injections? 1.4 million cases recovered were […]