After the raid: House Reuss shocked by what happened to Heinrich XIII.

In the noble family Reuss, the arrest of Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss caused horror. The head of the former East Thuringian dynasty, Heinrich XIV Prince Reuss, told MDR THÜRINGEN that his namesake, the alleged ringleader of a militant network of conspirators, “catastrophically” obliterated the entire family. The House of Reuss was a tolerant and cosmopolitan […]

“Did we get rid of him now?”

Henry XIII wanted an extremist network. apparently help in power. In Frankfurt, the alleged ringleader lived and worked in solitary confinement. It’s quiet on Rossertstrasse in Frankfurt’s elegant Westend district. The four hooded policemen standing in front of the gate at number 13 alone testify to the search of the top floor apartment, the apartment […]

Head Center Leipzig: the serious accusations against doctors and managing directors

The charges weigh heavily: they are billing fraud, medical errors, unnecessary operations and violations of the law on medicines. Over the past week, around 300 police officers in several federal states have searched study, residential and commercial premises, including those of the Leipzig Acqua Klinik. According to an exact research by MDR, ten doctors and […]

Searches in Berlin: Corona aid fraud! repression of Islamists | Regional

Berlin – Raid Tuesday morning for Corona Aid scam. Searches are underway in six federal states. Nationwide, 59 objects are searched. According to a police spokesman, the focus is on Berlin. There the police are in action in, among others, the Wedding and Moabit districts. There are also raids in Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg […]

Red carpet raid! • Journal of the Observatory

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A photo, in which workers and a number of attendees of the Cairo Film Festival appeared as they recited Friday prayers on the festival’s red carpet, caused a stir on social media. The director of the festival, director Amir Ramses, commented on the photo, on his Facebook page, saying: “The Red Carpet Raid”. […]

Various acts of bad drivers on the streets without manual ticket

Jakarta – Residents are asked to be more aware of the importance of complying with traffic rules without having to be monitored by the police. But in reality, many drivers are still breaking the rules. Based on the observations of the 20Detik Team in several streets in central Jakarta, Wednesday (4/11/2022) at 09:00 WIB, there […]

Exchange of warning shots between South and North Korea – Last Hour

(ANSA) – SEUL, OCTOBER 24 – Warning shots were fired by South Korea at a North Korean ship after an alleged incursion over the sea border. The North Korean commercial ship, the Yonhap wrote, penetrated through the disputed maritime border, known as the ‘Northern Limit Line’, near Baengnyeong Island, but retreated north after the Southern […]