Mami Popon returns to the hospital again, asks Raffi Ahmad to return quickly to Indonesia

Jakarta – Raffi Ahmad’s grandmother, Mami Popon hospitalized. The grandmother kept asking Raffi Ahmad to return to Indonesia immediately. Raffi Ahmad’s mother Amy Qanita continued to feel bad when she shared Mami Popon’s latest condition. Mami Popon is currently being treated at Bunda Menteng Hospital, Jakarta. “To my beloved dear beloved mother … astagfirullah astagfirullah […]

Nagita Slavina excited for the first time in Times Square, Raffi Ahmad: Tacky!

Jakarta – Nagita Slavina for the first time he sets foot in Times Square. This is also because he is involved in Raffi Ahmad’s work with Erigo. On his YouTube channel, Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad went to Times Square. Nagita Slavina admitted that she was very happy because she was finally able to visit […]

Relations thanks to the nickname Sultan, this is Raffi Ahmad’s Kalem respond to

Jakarta, Insertlive – Firdaus Oiwobo tells of artists and businessmen utilizing the title sultan. Raffi Ahmad, nicknamed Sultan Andara and Andre Taulany as Sultan Bintaro, will also be reported by Firdaus Oiwobo who claims to be the sultan’s wonderful-grandson. It can be found from the video circulating on social media, in which Firdaus Oiwobo admitted […]

Ready to Pay off Marshanda Hospital Fees, Has Raffi Ahmad Transferred?

Jakarta, Insertlive – Raffi Ahmad expressed his intention to help Marshanda’s Rp300 million which was billed as a fee at the Mental Hospital in Los Angeles, United States. Nagita Slavina’s husband also revealed his reason for wanting to help pay off Marshanda’s debt. “I basically help what my friends really need, I’ve been friends with […]