When Jokowi met Raffi Ahmad’s family, Nagita’s beauty was in the spotlight

Jakarta – After the ceremony, Jokowi had time to meet the guests. One of the guests who attended the ceremony was the Raffi Ahmad family. Nagita SlavinaRafathar and Raffi Ahmad met the number one person in Indonesia. “Thank God Mr. @jokowi Congratulation youngest son Mas @kaesangp marriage to Mba @erinagudono Always happy #kaesayanganerina,” Raffi Ahmad […]

Not Rp. 50 billion, how much did Raffi Ahmad borrow money from Syahnaz?

Jakarta – Some time ago, Raffi Ahmad he once said that he borrowed 50 billion rupees from his younger brother, Syahnaz. This was discovered when Syahnaz became a guest star on the FYP show which aired on Trans7. “She said Raffi borrowed money from you?” Irfan Hakim asked Shahnaz seen detikcom, friday (11/10/2022). ANNOUNCEMENT SCROLL […]

Raffi Ahmad Explains Depak Rumors to RANS Entertainment’s Dimas Ahmad

Jakarta – Dimas Ahmed which went viral because it was considered similar to Raffi Ahmad, is said to have been kicked out of RANS Entertainment. Finally Raffi Ahmad opened his voice about the news. Some time ago, Dimas Ahmad guest starred at FYP with Raffi Ahmad’s two younger brothers Syahnaz and Nisya. On that occasion, […]

Want to IPO next year, here’s Raffi Ahmad’s RANS entertainment profile

Jakarta – Recently, famous artist Raffi Ahmad he again revealed his plans to bring RANS Entertainment so that it can be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Raffi Ahmad expects to be able to execute the initial public offering (IPO) process for RANS Entertainment in 2023. He hopes that RANS Entertainment can be listed […]

Sahrul Gunawan is rejected by Ayu Ting Ting, Raffi Ahmad is dragged

Jakarta – Some time ago, Sahrul Gunawan intensively combined with Ayu Ting Ting. Apparently, Sahrul Gunawan really got close to Ayu Ting Ting. Sahrul Gunawan was mocked by Raffi Ahmad for not having a relationship with Ayu Ting Ting. Hearing this, Sahrul Gunawan immediately said it was all because of Raffi Ahmad. “Don’t get married […]

Raffi Ahmad’s story calls Baim Wong about domestic violence joke videos

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Raffi Ahmad tell time to contact Baim Wong domestic violence joke videos (Domestic violence) who reaped public blasphemy. She admitted calling Baim before her husband did Paula Verhoeven uploaded an apology video to Instagram. Through a phone call, Raffi asked about Baim’s conditions and why the actor made the content. “While […]