The uneasy night of vandalism and looting in New York

New York City is grappling with the aftermath of another night of violent protests over the police murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. Thousands of protesters gathered near the Barclays Center, Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan Bridge and Union Square. Looters were seen near Herald Square, the Diamond District and SoHo. Some of them went into […]

NYPD looking for suspect in shooting car in Brooklyn

The Police Department is looking for a subject related to a shooting in Brooklyn. The shooting that was reported on December 13, around 4 in the afternoon, and took place on the southwest corner of Wyona Street and Pitkin Avenue. There an unidentified person approached the driver’s door of and fired several times at the […]

Elmhurst fire leaves 3 dead and several injured

Elements of the New York Fire Department came to put out a fire that broke out this Saturday morning in Elmhurst, Queens. The deaths of three people have been confirmed, as well as several injuries. The incident occurred in a three-story home located on 48th Avenue in Elmhurst, near 91 Place. The emergency call came […]

FDNY reveals causes of East Village church fire

Investigators reveal the cause of the fire that destroyed a 130-year-old church along with other buildings located in the East Village of Manhattan. According to the authorities, faulty cables were the cause of the accident. The fire started on the first floor of a vacant building at 7th Street and Second Avenue, last Saturday. Fire […]

Politicians condemn vandalism of Christmas decorations in Corona

They destroy the Christmas decorations in Corona, Queens, whose lighting celebration took place last Friday. And some elected officials in the area have condemned this act of vandalism. Councilor Francisco Moya shared a video, showing the damage done to the decorations just outside his district office. He also showed the exhibit that opened last Friday […]

Violent weekend in New York: 63 shot

The weekend of the Fourth of July holiday saw a dramatic increase in the number of shootings in the city. At least 44 shootings occurred between Friday and Sunday, leaving some 63 victims. Our colleague Yeila Lluberes is in Inwood with more details about it. Visit the NY1 News page with our special coverage on […]

Social protests continue in New York City

This Friday, celebrations for Emancipation Day were held throughout the city, known in English as Juneteenth. The largest group of protesters gathered in Central Park. After walking through Manhattan and making stops at Washington Square Park, Bryant Park, and Columbus Circle, the marchers concentrated on the section Great Lawn from the Central Park. Meanwhile, in […]

Building fire destroys East Village church

A historic East Village church was destroyed after a fire broke out in a nearby empty building on Saturday morning, according to official reports. “I would consider it very serious damage,” FDNY Deputy Chief John Hodgens said at a news conference. “It’s going to be a difficult time for them to rebuild.” FDNY Assistant Chief […]

several injured after a fire in East New York

A four-year-old boy is in critical condition following a fire in Brooklyn early Monday. Images of the scene were shared by the Citizen App. According to reports, the emergency call came before 1:30 a.m. Flames broke out on the top floor of a three-story house on Pitkin Avenue and Barbey Street in East New York. […]

Join forces to tackle crime in Ridgewood

Frandy Ureña works at the Listo Chimi restaurant, on Myrtle Avenue, and assures that thefts have become common. “It is something that we do hear a lot. Almost every day you hear that this happened, a looting in such a store, in such a business. It is something that we all know is not right,” […]