Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Vows to Fight Extremists “Without Mercy” Page all

RIYADH, – Crown Prince Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman on Thursday (12/11/2020) promised to fight extremist with “mercilessly”, once happened bombing against a meeting of Western diplomats. The bombing action was claimed ISIS as the mastermind. The bomb explosion hit a World War I memorial at a non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah on Wednesday, which […]

Although often attacked, Charlie Hebdo does not deter Page all

PARIS, – Although they are always targeted, threatened and bombed repeatedly, they have even been attacked and killed dozens of employees, satirical media France, Charlie Hebdo will never stop making fun of Islamic extremism. Many media critics around the world say Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff has actually attacked Islam itself; People who work for […]

Suspect of Murder in the French Church: 21 Year Old Tunisian Man Page all

PARIS, – The 21-year-old Tunisian man who just arrived in Europe became suspect perpetrator in murder 3 people in church France on Thursday (29/10/2020). He entered Europe via the Italian island of Lampedusa from Tunisia aboard a migrant ship in September, according to reports BBC on Friday (30/10/2020). A police source said that a […]

Thousands of People in Bangladesh Protest Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad Protected Freedom of Expression Page all

DHAKA, – About 10,000 people gathered in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Tuesday (27/10/2020) did protest against French President Emmanuel Macron and his support for protecting secular laws cartoon Nabi Muhammad under the aegis of free speech. The demonstrators came from the conservative Islamic group Andolon Bangladesh who carried banners and placards reading “All Muslims in […]

Beheading Teachers in France Bribes Students of Up to Rp. 6 Million Before Taking Action

PARIS, – Beheading guru history in Paris has been bribe students amounting to 300 to 350 euros (Rp.5.2 million to Rp.6 million) before taking action last week, said anti-terror prosecutors France on Wednesday (21/10/2020). Samuel Paty was attacked on his way home on Friday (16/10/2020) from the junior high school where he teaches in […]

Thousands of Teachers Support the Trial for French Teacher Beheading Page all

PARIS, – Demonstration held throughout France to support Samuel Paty, guru who was decapitated after broadcasting Prophet Muhammad cartoon during lessons. There was a standing ovation from the crowd at Place de la République in Paris, with people carrying the slogan “Je suis enseignant” (I am a teacher). A man named Abdoulakh A was […]

Print Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad Again, Charlie Hebdo Magazine Sold Out All

PARIS, – French satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo who prints again cartoons Nabi Muhammad in the latest edition, sold out in a day. The edition, published on Wednesday (2/9/2020), features dozens of cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad, including images that sparked huge protests when they were first published. Charlie Hebdo distributed three times more […]