Google Authenticator: an expected update available on Android

Google Authenticator has been very effective in terms of two-step verification application. But over the years, it has been replaced by more advanced and practical applications in this area. For those who haven’t changed yet and who are still using this app, Google has added “one of the most anticipated features”: the ability to transfer […]

The StopCovid application targets June 2 for its launch

Guest of BFM Business, Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O announces that StopCovid will be tested from May 11 with the objective of being ready by June 2, for the second phase of deconfinement. Should we bury StopCovid since theapplication will not be ready for May 11, date of the beginning of deconfinement? The […]

CovidStop: the government is working on a tracking application

The government is working on the development of an application aimed at “limiting the spread of the virus by identifying chains of transmission”, according to Cédric O and Olivier Véran, interviewed by journalists from the World. Behind this expression hides an application project making it possible to follow users’ meetings and possibly prevent them in […]

Facebook shares user data with researchers

Facebook is helping manage the coronavirus crisis. Now, it shares with the location data of its billions of users with researchers. His program called ” Data for Good »Allows to visualize the movements of the population, but also the connections between people. With its program ” Data for Good “, Facebook use his database massive […]

Facebook launches new tool to manage the data it collects on you

It is now widely known that Facebook uses as much data as it can to display targeted advertising. After multiple scandals of exploitation of personal data, the social network wants to look better. In a press release entitled “Start the decade by helping you better control your privacy”, Mark Zuckerberg takes advantage of the day […]

How to permanently delete personal data from your smartphone –

This is how they permanently delete personal data from their smartphone Smartphone: How to correctly delete personal data Away with the old smartphone?: How to delete personal data from the phone n-tv NEWS Mobile phone: How to delete personal data – leisure – messages Mittelbayerische Disused: How to delete personal data from your […]