Claus Judeich is making a short film on the history of the Capitol cinema

Special films are the trademark of the Capitol cinema in Königs Wusterhausen. The film that was made about the Capitol itself is also special. It is an homage to the long history of the house and at the same time an evocation that it has a future. “The Capitol won’t die either – if we […]

Teachers’ Association sees vocational training in danger

Potsdam’s school dispute over OSZ, grammar schools and comprehensive school “Am Schloss” – Teachers’ Association sees vocational training in Potsdam at risk The possible end of the upper school center I on Jägerallee alarmed educators. The Potsdam education officer Noosha Aubel wants to meet the need for skilled trades. .

Cinemas in Ostholstein plan to restart on July 1, 2021

The long Corona forced break for the cinemas has left its mark. “It bothered us all a lot,” says Lars-Roman Paech from the Movie Star in Bad Schwartau. He is relieved that it is finally starting again. There has already been a first employee meeting to plan and organize the restart. “We have become fewer,” […]

The Lübeck test centers are ready to go

Corona – Cinema, theater, vacation: the Lübeck test centers are ready for the big rush From May 15, the Hanseatic city of Lübeck will take the first steps out of the lockdown. Then, among other things, visits to the cinema or theater are possible again. Holidaymakers can come from Monday. Rapid tests are required. The […]

Important today in Potsdam, Monday, April 19, 2021.

The big quiz on Monday morning: Who is allowed or has to go to school today? Do you know? Let’s unravel it slowly: Compulsory presence and all pupils have the appropriate lessons grades 1 to 6 in primary school of the graduating classes of the classes in the last year of training of the respective […]

The association can now buy the Kulturpalast in Werder

The Freundeskreis Scala Kulturpalast has now received a sponsorship check worth 199,000 euros from the city of Werder. With this money, the association can buy the cinema in Eisenbahnstraße and thus preserve the historical cultural location. The purchase price totaling 350,000 euros will be financed with the help of private lenders, the association’s own funds […]

Potsdam: Cyber ​​attack against CDU politician Götz Friederich

The Potsdam CDU politician Götz Th. Friederich has to defend himself against a cyber attack. As he announced on Facebook on Sunday morning, his account on this social network was apparently cracked. Facebook-Account gehackt As a result, the perpetrator apparently published and distributed his own political statements in Friederich’s name. The CDU man, who had […]

Astoria cinema in Wittstock is lit on Sunday

In the Wittstock cinema “Astoria”, the screen has been dark again since November last year. It is the second corona-related forced break for the movie theater and hits the operators hard. “There are already rumors that we won’t open again,” says cinema operator Najden Terzijski. But that’s not true. The Astoria did not give up […]

Daniel Karolat drives a US fire engine from New York

Daniel Karolat doesn’t have to do much to make people turn to look at him. It just has to be in Auto get up and go. Because be Chevrolet Suburban is one of the most eye-catching vehicles in all King Wusterhausen, probably throughout District of Dahme-Spreewald. And not only because it is more than five […]