Quick check! Election Commission announces the release of a ghost to certify the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Thailand to add 23 provinces

Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 6.12 p.m. <!– ฟังข่าว –> Election Commissioner first. Announcement of the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization to increase 23 provinces. Both Kamranawit – Witthaya – Aram – Udom – Bun Leng – Kru Kaew’s daughter – Chaiya son – Nong Wan Norhe The idioms were not finished – the remaining […]

The Electoral Commission ordered the election of 64 new PAO units in 18 provinces, but the law prohibits campaign candidates.

The Election Commission considered and ordered to vote.ElectionMembers and the President of the new Provincial Administrative Organization, 64 units in 18 provinces, 7 Feb. The Election Commission Office (ECT) informed that the Election Commission had issued an order. To have a vote for the council members and the president of the provincial administrative organization Such […]

Able to mock “progress” to awaken the grandmaster.

“Samart” mocked the Progressive Party, not awakened to the chair of the Provincial Administrative Organization. After sending 42 candidates in the provinces, the Palang Pracharat Party received a landslide response. On December 21, 2020, Mr. Samart Jenchai Jitavanich Assistant Minister of Justice As the director of the Center for Complaints of the Palang Pracharat Party […]

Yingluck Post Sweet Thank you Chiang Mai people “Boo Forgot House, Two Pies, Nong” after Pichai grabbed the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization

The former prime minister pleads with people.Chiang Mai After Pheu Thai won the battleElection PAO is ready to congratulate the new President of the PAO nationwide Immediately, the election results for the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) at Chiang Mai Province Pheu Thai Party won the victory by Pichai Lertpongadisorn Party’s prime candidate […]

Before closing the trunk! ‘Big Progress’ confidently flags the Prime Minister PAO. 5 provinces, good, bad, jumped to 10 provinces because the response was good

Dec 21, 2020 – Election of the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO President) that the Progressive Council sent to apply for 42 provinces, but it turned out that the election results came out “Faculty of Progress” was not elected even one province. Which was very wrong with the one who had been convinced […]

Check the right of ‘Provincial Administrative Organization’ right online here!

17 December 2020 4,383 Finally, prepare to go to “Provincial Administrative Organization” 20 Dec ’20, open a simple way to verify the list of voters, PAO via online with important information. If you do not want to lose the rights, read here! A few days later forProvincial Administrative Organization election Simultaneously across the country 76 […]