Sicam leaves Villars for Saint-Priest-en-Jarez

the October 27, 2020 – Laurie Joanou – Commerce DR – Pascal Tardy invests 10% of its turnover in the development of its digital and e-commerce strategy The company specializing in air conditioning and heat pumps is leaving Villars for Saint-Priest-en-Jarez where Pascal Tardy, its manager, has invested 1 million, in addition to offering new […]

“Monsieur Corbière, wake up!” by Gérald Darmanin

Tribune. This October 9, in the columns of Release, MP Corbière accused me of holding on “Defamatory and detestable words”, contesting the existence of radicalization in his constituency, as in other cities of Seine-Saint-Denis. Read the text by Alexis CorbièreGérald Darmanin and “Islamo-leftism”, a term used to the cord Monsieur Corbière plays Molière back to […]

When will there be women pastors or bishops? ask catholics

To be a woman bishop, parish priest, deacon, nuncio … incongruity ? Several Catholic women ask, symbolically, to access positions reserved for a long time to the clergy, male. Formed as a collective, they seek to internationalize their approach. There are seven of them, from very different backgrounds. One is a colonel of the Air […]

Asteroid named after Catholic priest

Somewhere between Mars and Jupiter is a piece of rock that is now named after an English Catholic priest who made great strides in astronomy. On Wednesday, June 24, Fr. Christopher Corbally told CNA – the English agency of the ACI Group – that he was “completely surprised” when he heard that asteroid 119248 had […]

Cei, wedding without masks for newlyweds – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUNE 26 – The spouses will return to kiss on the altar without masks. The obligation for future spouses to wear the mask at the time of the celebration falls. Instead the indication remains for the priest to protect the respiratory tract and to keep the distance of at least one meter […]

Pedophilia victim denounces seven priests and one bishop for cover-up | Society

Javier, victim of pedophilia in the minor seminary of La Bañeza (León) in the late eighties, has denounced to the police that the diocese of Astorga and the center where the events occurred They covered for the priest José Manuel Ramos Gordón after, together with his brother and another companion, they reported what had happened […]

Reopen the churches at Easter? All against Salvini (including Catholics)

The most politically insidious is Beppe Sala. To Matteo Salvini who calls for the opening of churches for Easter Mass (“The good God is also needed,” said the leader of the League), the mayor of Milan replies slyly: “If you really want to get churches to reopen, and if it’s not just a newspaper headline, […]

Padre de Valença challenges the faithful to create ″ a hymn of hope ″

Ana Peixoto Fernandes Yesterday at 10:42 pm The parish priest Ricardo Esteves de Valença launched this Friday on his Facebook page a challenge to the faithful to write texts with the word ‘hope’, in order to create a hymn. The idea that he called “Home challenge” appeals to the creativity of followers “from around the […]