Need to Know, Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Side Effects from WHO Research

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a provisional recommendation for the use of a vaccine from Johnson and Johnson (J&J) for Covid-19. What is felt in the body when the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is injected later must be known. The J&J vaccine differs from other vaccines in that it is given only one […]

The Main Weapon Mask to Prevent Covid-19, The Second Fortress Vaccine

Prof. Dr. dr. Soedjatmiko, Sp.A(K), Msi. Member of the Indonesian Expert Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ITAGI) says vaccines are not the only major protection. “The main protection is that the virus does not enter our bodies, our children or our families,” he said in the Productive Dialogue of the Spirit of the […]

Dhipaya Insurance celebrates 70 years, introduces “Dhipaya COVID-19” policy, starting price of just 70 baht, coverage up to 1 million baht.

Somporn Suebthavilkul, President Dhipaya Insurance Strengthening the confidence of people from getting vaccinated against COVID-19 By issuing an insurance policy, “Dhipaya, the COVID-19” vaccine, the policy will provide protection and care for medical expenses in the event of complications or side effects from the COVID-19 vaccination. And requires inpatient medical treatment (IPD) or a coma. […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci Supports the Use of Two Masks to Prevent Covid-19 – Dr. Anthony Fauci who is also a medical adviser to the United States Presidency, said that wearing two masks is likely to be more effective at preventing the transmission of Covid-19. Although, he admits there is no significant scientific evidence to confirm this. “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you […]

Clinical Trials of Mouthwash to Kill Corona Virus in the Mouth Are Still Ongoing

FIXMAKASSAR.COM – Corona virus or Covid-19 most recently, it shows no signs of being infected. So that various ways to protect yourself from being infected corona virus still doing. Preliminary studies have shown that mouthwash certain can kill Covid-19 in the mouth therefore can stop transmission of the virus through saliva droplets. Scientists at Cardiff […]

In addition to using masks properly, the doctor urges to prepare a special container, Jakarta Usage related face mask to prevent exposure to COVID-19, health experts not only recommend three-layer cloth masks, but also pay attention to how to store them. Doctor Alfi Auliya Rachman who practices at FMC Bogor Hospital suggested saving face mask in a special container. He said it was better to prepare two special […]

DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Issues Circular, ASN Working Hours Only 5.5 Hours

JAKARTA, – DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Saefullah instructed that the working time of state civil servants (ASN) who work in offices is limited to only 5.5 hours. This instruction is contained in Circular Number 02 / SE / 2020 concerning the Work System of State Civil Servants in the Provincial Government of the Special […]